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HRV Heat Transfer

HRV Heat Transfer makes the most of your existing heat sources by spreading their warmth into other areas of your home. It uses heat from your fireplace or heat pump to balance the temperature throughout your home. Innovative centrifugal fans push air rather than blow it, for minimal noise and air disturbance. It’s easily installed onto your HRV core ventilation system and simple to operate with our new Touchscreen Keypad, utilising set & forget technology.

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Pamela Ireland Brooks

I have an HRV unit. It is now running beautifully since a new filter and setting by a master service man. I know this is a bit mean spirited but I really really smile when I open my curtains in the morning and look across the drive at the next door flat. Ha Ha look at all their condensation AND they have a young baby girl living there. When I come into my flat after being out in the evening, it is just SOOOOO warm and it feels SOOOO inviting. Waking in the night, stumbling to the bathroom is no longer a totally freezing event. The ability oh keeping a sustained warm temperature has proved itself in reasonable electricity accounts. My bronchitis has improved- no pills- just the inhaler. All round a GREAT INVESTMENT and ongoing into future years !

Eram Jawed

Hi HRV, We are completely in love with the ventilation system you guys have put in place for us! Before you guys helped us out, our house always had two seasons under its roof- winter on one side and summer on the other. We had crying windows and mold, forcing us to live in the warmest corner of the house. All that changed when we you guys came along, our house is warmer, dryer and healthier for everyone including out little one. I especially love the clever and convenient "burnt toast" feature! Thank you HRV!


Having our HRV installed was the 1st big decision that we made about our 1st house. We hummed and harred about but we were sick of the ice on the windows in winter and mopping it up when it thawed off. We will never look back now the house no longer has the ice, no longer smells damp and we dont suffer from colds and flus the same as before and with two small children that is a main thing. Thanks

Ashley Bennitt

Several years ago, in our 2 level home in Botany Downs, we experienced some difficulty in keeping it warm due to cold air coming up the stairs from the entrance to the main living area. We also had difficulty with condensation forming on the windows during the Winter. Then we discovered the HRV system and all the benefits it could offer. With our concrete tile roof, we learned that there was a big source of warm air accumulating in the roof space during the daytime that could be filtered, by way of a fan down into the living areas. This proved to be a very economical form of heating and at the same time, almost totally eliminated all the condensation from our windows. Then, in the Summer we discovered an additional bonus in the evenings and during the hot, humid nights. As soon as the temperature of the air in the roof space dropped below that of the air in the house, we had a supply of fresh cooling air being filtered through the house, making sleep so much more comfortable. We later added a heat pump to the equation and found that the 2 systems compliment each other beautifully. So when we moved house almost 3 years ago, one of the first things we did was to install an HRV System and a heat pump and we have been living in comfort ever since.

Leigh and Stan

We had a HRV installed in our old weatherboard home just after the first earth quakes and with one filter clean it's still going strong. We have noticed the condensation on the windows has gone during the winter months, the whole place especially the bedrooms feel warm and dryer and the kids bedding does not feel damp during winter. Hayden use to boarder on having asthma especially in the colder months and has not had this for some time so it's one of the best purchases we have made for making our home warmer and healthier for the kids. Thank you Leigh and Stan

  • HRV’s Heat Transfer system is designed to balance temperatures in the home in the most efficient way possible
  • It does this by taking advantage of existing heat sources and making them work harder.
  • Whilst one room in particular may be heated comfortably, other rooms in your home might be colder than you’d like.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system uses a large fan and insulated ducting system to take the latent heat from a primary heat source and pushes it to other areas of the house that require a change in temperature.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system is fully integrated with our core ventilation system so you can intelligently manage your invironment.
  • The result is a much more efficient use of your heating and a balanced, purer invironment overall.

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