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Heat Transfer Kit

HRV Heat Transfer makes the most of your existing heat sources by spreading their warmth into other areas of your home. It uses heat from your fireplace or heat pump to balance the temperature throughout your home. Innovative centrifugal fans push air rather than blow it, for minimal noise and air disturbance. It’s easily installed onto your HRV core ventilation system and simple to operate with our new Touchscreen Keypad, utilising set & forget technology.

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Rochelle Cheesman

Well our first winter in our new old home was a real eye opener to how trully wet our new home was. Our celings turned black with mould, fresh wallpaper peeled away to reveil mould growing underneath and the walls were so wet if you put your hand on them water would litteraly run down the wall and bead on your hand. i had some photos stored in my wardrobe and had to discard a lot because the moisture made them stick and the colours blur together. We also noticed our poor kids were suffereing from conditions directly related to the damp wet and mould in our house i spent a lot of time at the Drs. Luckly we had friends who recomend us the HRV system. within months of having it installed the walls were noticably dryer. It took awhile for our house to dry out fully it was so wet but the next year what a difference. The walls were dry! we havent had to wipe mouldy celings or walls since theres no moisture for the mould to grow on and we bairly get any condensation on the windows even though there can be a huge difference between the inside temp of our house and the freezing outside. The house is much easier to heat and best of all no dangerous mould to make the kids sick. It was honestly the best money we ever spent on our house we have since added a heat pump but if i had to choose to spend money on a HRV or Heap pump i would choose the HRV all over again. Our house is dry and healthy and i credit our HRV for the total change to our now dry, warm healthy enviroment :) Thanks HRV :)

Brenda Rowe

Hi guys, I'd like to take this time to say thank you for the quick efficient service from the moment I made my queries through to the installation of my HRV. The HRV has worked wonderfully the house is dryer and warmer making living in it much more comfortable. A couple of months on I still get a thrill watching all that lovely warm air being circulated down from the roof cavity. Thank you Brenda

Tim & Kirsty Drummond

We had our HRV installed and have noticed a considerable difference overnight. The condensation that would be on the windows even on a slightly cool day has gone completely. Being in Ashburton we get some quite harsh frosts, and even then the windows are clear. It is such a great sign to open the curtains on these days and not have to wipe them down every day! The HRV has also warmed the 'base temperature' of our home and it is amazing how warm the roof space can be - even on the chilly days. We would highly recommend HRV to anyone.


Our son spent a week in hospital when he was 3 weeks old due to 2 collapsed lungs. His lungs were then very  weak. Our house is 90 years old and over winter was always damp. Our son had to go to hospital each winter due to the damp, cold air. So, we got an HRV installed. Now our son has not had to go to hospital in the last  3 years! Not only that, our home is easier to heat and the air is dry.

Vicki Lee

I brought a rental house and had HRV installed before the tenant moved in as my daughter raved on about its benefits. The tenant was a single mum of two 8 year olds and has always rented and she said the house was the warmest and driest she's ever lived in. It saved her heaps in electricity bills as she hardly every turned on the heater and the kids ran around the house in bare feet most of winter! She was amazed and will always look for a HRV home with rentals and I know she will always be spouting the benefits of it from now on. Eight months later, my daughter and her family had to move from Auckland and so they moved into this rental property. They came from a rental home with HRV as my grandson has severe asthma. They had to move from this house as the landlord was moving back into it. With his asthma, they cannot even consider going into a damp, cold, home - even a little bit and Auckland property was getting unaffordable so the fear they would have to downgrade to an unhealthy home was becoming more real. So everything has worked out really well for us all and most importantly, for my grandson, his younger brother and the granddaughter due in early May. When looking at heating and upgrading the insulation, both those consultants were huge supporters of HRV and said it would more than likely be too hot at times in that house! At the least though, it's going to be so much more economical for the family to keep warm in winter and there doesn't have to be any installing of expensive heat pumps or heating as they are just utilising what's there (along with the insulation upgrade). That is also very cost effective for me too as this is an investment property and the HRV costs have well and truly been worth it and paid for itself really. So much so that I hope to have my other rental up north that my mother lives in, installed with an HRV for this winter as well because she is finding she feels the cold more and is very much in the 'pensioner mentality' of being frugal and not using the heater much even though she's cold because of the costs. She believes I need to install a heat pump to help as she heard from friends it's good but I know the HRV is the better choice and you rarely need both . She will then be able to use the heater when required but will find it so much easier to heat anyway and retain it because of how the HRV works. I can't wait for her to benefit from that and I just have to get my finances in order first and then I'll get that underway. As you can see, I am a very happy supporter and user of HRV - I can't speak highly enough of this system. I do all I can to refer friends and family onto it as there's such a lot of misunderstanding about home heating and first and foremost, your home needs to be dry and a HRV is the way to go. Thanks very much. Kind regards, Vicki Lee.

  • HRV’s Heat Transfer system is designed to balance temperatures in the home in the most efficient way possible
  • It does this by taking advantage of existing heat sources and making them work harder.
  • Whilst one room in particular may be heated comfortably, other rooms in your home might be colder than you’d like.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system uses a large fan and insulated ducting system to take the latent heat from a primary heat source and pushes it to other areas of the house that require a change in temperature.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system is fully integrated with our core ventilation system so you can intelligently manage your invironment.
  • The result is a much more efficient use of your heating and a balanced, purer invironment overall.