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HRV Heat Transfer

HRV Heat Transfer makes the most of your existing heat sources by spreading their warmth into other areas of your home. It uses heat from your fireplace or heat pump to balance the temperature throughout your home. Innovative centrifugal fans push air rather than blow it, for minimal noise and air disturbance. It’s easily installed onto your HRV core ventilation system and simple to operate with our new Touchscreen Keypad, utilising set & forget technology.

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Deanne Freemantle

Well it's been nearly one year since I moved into my home so that's seen me living with HRV through four seasons and I'm most impressed with the friendly service I have received from the Hamilton team as I've negotiated my way around changing settings for each season.HRV has certainly given me cleaner air to breathe, a drier/warmer home in the winter and a comfortable living environment especially during this last long hot summer. I would recommend HRV to all those who have pets as it keeps a fresher atmosphere throughout your home no matter what the weather is outside.HRV is a very energy efficient system and therefore my power consumption throughout the winter months in conjunction with my heatpump is quite low as both systems work together keeping my home at a constant temperature throughout the day.

Lisa G

We love how our HRV has dried out our home.  Previously we would have months in a row with condensation on the windows every morning and now we almost never get any condensation and when we do it is minimal.  This removes the need to clean mouldy windowframes.  The house is also so much easier to heat with the fire and clothes hung on airers dry faster.  All in all a great investment!

J McGarvey

Installing the latest HRV system into our home was a profitable and healthy move. At first, I was unsure that this system would be able to fulfill my expectations. As, unlike some other homes, I had a combination of issues to solve; condensation, resulting in mould on the bedroom curtains, no cavity in our ceiling and little airflow to dry our home during the day. We own a 1970s home, three bedroom, have 5 children, and no hob above our stove to remove excess moisture; the condensation was diabolical. Fortunately, we had a cavity in the wardrobe that would fit the main body of the system and a solar panel installed on the roof to warm the air from outside and transfer fresh filtered air into each bedroom and hallway. We also had a vortex extractor fan installed into our bathroom to help remove excess moisture which use to escape into the hallway, then bedrooms, after the children showered. The transformation has been amazing!! Next move, install a hob and continue to enjoy the comforts of a dry, healthy home. Also, a big thank you to the friendly, and respectful team of young lads who installed this system for us.

Gerry Mitten

So impressed with this system, no more condensation, in winter we really notice a difference, the home feels drier and a bit warmer. Every home should have one, its so healthy in our opinion. By law every new home built should have one installed, economical to do so, also the health benefits will benefit the country overall.

Brian Cameron

During the colder months we used to find that the aluminium window frames had condensation on them and that the house wouldn't warm up until about midday, however after having an HRV installed, ours doesn't have a heating element, the house would reach 22degrees by about 09:30am. If your home has an iron roof and if you want to source the free heat in your roof space, we would strongly recommend having a HRV installed.

  • HRV’s Heat Transfer system is designed to balance temperatures in the home in the most efficient way possible
  • It does this by taking advantage of existing heat sources and making them work harder.
  • Whilst one room in particular may be heated comfortably, other rooms in your home might be colder than you’d like.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system uses a large fan and insulated ducting system to take the latent heat from a primary heat source and pushes it to other areas of the house that require a change in temperature.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system is fully integrated with our core ventilation system so you can intelligently manage your invironment.
  • The result is a much more efficient use of your heating and a balanced, purer invironment overall.

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