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Heat Transfer Kit

HRV Heat Transfer makes the most of your existing heat sources by spreading their warmth into other areas of your home. It uses heat from your fireplace or heat pump to balance the temperature throughout your home. Innovative centrifugal fans push air rather than blow it, for minimal noise and air disturbance. It’s easily installed onto your HRV core ventilation system and simple to operate with our new Touchscreen Keypad, utilising set & forget technology.

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Having two HRV units is wonderful covering three bedrooms, living and dining room. Our old damp, dingy house is now a cozy, warm and scented, yes scented, as I hang fragrances above the fans. A plug-in Ambi-Pur with vanilla and jasmine. HRV has also turned our house into a sweet smelling garden of your choice and I used to have bad asthma as our home use to smell musty. Thank you Harvey, good dog

Janine Clemon

We have an old home built in 1924. While it is well-built, it was prone to wet windows, mouldy curtains and cold chill during the winter months. In the summer, the warm air stagnated and it was difficult to sleep at night. We had an HRV system installed in 2009 and during the winter our house became instantly drier, cleaner, warmer and healthier, while in the summer, the air became cool and dry at night. With the addition of floor and roof insulation as well as our HRV the house is less expensive to heat and a healthier place to live.

Rachel wood

At first I was sceptical about the idea of someone coming to me to sell something and how persistent they were, but really they wanted to help. About 6 months months ago, I was convinced by all of the other stories i had heard about the company itself. So I got HRV installed, it helped with their 18months interest free offer to seal the deal. I could not fault the service nor the product provided. NO condensation on windows or walls, no mould has grown since (I cleaned the ceilings just before it was installed). The house is warmer and drier and stays warm from the daytime heat, and me my partner and his 3year old daughter are all healthier. I haven't noticed any change in power bills. I just want to say thank you so much to HRV in introducing me to is product, I am so happy with it! I recommend this 100% to anyone and everyone.

Alma Wright

Very professional and the house felt much warmer. Once we noticed how warm the first half of the house was, we phoned Denis and arranged for the exsiting windows to be insulglazed.

Rachel O

You forget how wet the house used to be and start to take it for granted.  But when you go to someones house and they have to go around with a window wiper and towel you start to remember what it used to be like and feel apreciative of what you now have.  A warmer, dryer home.

  • HRV’s Heat Transfer system is designed to balance temperatures in the home in the most efficient way possible
  • It does this by taking advantage of existing heat sources and making them work harder.
  • Whilst one room in particular may be heated comfortably, other rooms in your home might be colder than you’d like.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system uses a large fan and insulated ducting system to take the latent heat from a primary heat source and pushes it to other areas of the house that require a change in temperature.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system is fully integrated with our core ventilation system so you can intelligently manage your invironment.
  • The result is a much more efficient use of your heating and a balanced, purer invironment overall.