Water Filters Dunedin

Filter the water entering your home at the source

HRV's Whole Home Water Filtration system has been designed to purify all water entering your home. The system connects to your water source at the mains of your property, rather than to just one single tap - this ensures that your home will benefit from purer, filtered water from your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and even out to your garden hose.

The Dunedin City Council advises you should, "flush your taps if they haven’t been used for six hours or longer, to reduce the chance of increased concentrations of leached metals in drinking water". They state that, "To ensure your water has safe levels of metals which comply with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2008), flush about half a litre through your taps before drinking, cooking or brushing your teeth." In New Zealand, a country known for it's clean, green image, lead, nickel, cadmium, copper and antimony are just some of the harsh metals found in our water. Whether from rusty water pipes, old plumbing fixtures or the process in which the water is treated, chemicals and nasty additives are found in the water that enters our home - the water we use to drink and bathe in.

At HRV we purify every drop with a multi-stage filter, meaning every tap in your home is not only providing you with filtered, clear water, but water that is safe for you and your family to drink and use. Our filters are designed to remove many of the nasty chemicals used in treatment plants, as well as funny tastes and smells from your water supply

Here at HRV we're dedicated to providing all Kiwi homes with fresh, purer, filtered water, because in a country as beautiful as ours, that's the way it should be!

Dunedin City Council reference - https://www.dunedin.govt.nz/services/water-supply

The benefits of having a HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system in your home:


- The system uses a multi-stage filter to capture impurities in your home’s water, including sediment, heavy metals and up to 98% of chlorine.

- The first stage in the filtration process removes most sediment and large bacteria – improving the colour and clarity of your water.

- During the 2nd & 3rd stages of the filtration process the system uses a mix of granular activated carbon and a material known as KDF. This removes up to 98% of the chlorine that is added to your water when it’s treated, as well as chlorine by-products like trihalomethanes that occur as a result of that treatment process. This process also removes a wide range of heavy metals like lead, zinc, cadmium and mercury.

- Finally the Magnetic Water Treater, helps to reduce scale build-up.

Installing an HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system onto your mains gives you complete control over the purity of water from every tap in your home.


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