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Get purer, healthier water for every tap in your Wellington home

HRV’s mission to create happy, healthy homes in the capital has expanded to providing Wellingtonians with a HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system designed to filter water to every tap in their home. While we may live in a clean, green country, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the water supplied to our homes is pure and free of nasty chemicals. Chlorine, heavy metals and sediment are found in the water you drink, wash with and even the water you and your family use to bathe in. Additives found in the water can distort the taste, create smelly odours and can affect your skin and overall health - consuming water should not be an uncomfortable or unsafe experience.

The Wellington region contains a large amount of old water infrastructure, meaning that the pipes used to transport water from Wellington’s water supply to your taps are aged and deteriorating. HRV Whole Home Water Filtration is designed with a multi-stage filter, meaning all of your water will be filtered before it comes into contact with you or your family. Our system ensures the water from every tap in your home is clean, safe and ready to use.

Here at HRV we are forever dedicated to improving the inside of New Zealand homes. For over 13 years we’ve filtered the air coming into your home, so why not provide you with crystal clear and filtered water too? Take control of your water and experience water the way it should be!

The benefits of having a HRV Whole Home Water Filter in your home:


- The system uses a multi-stage filter to capture impurities in your home’s water, including sediment, heavy metals and up to 98% of chlorine.

- The first stage in the filtration process removes most sediment and large bacteria – improving the colour and clarity of your water.

- During the 2nd & 3rd stages of the filtration process the system uses a mix of granular activated carbon and a material known as KDF. This removes up to 98% of the chlorine that is added to your water when it’s treated, as well as chlorine by-products like trihalomethanes that occur as a result of that treatment process. This process also removes a wide range of heavy metals like lead, zinc, cadmium and mercury.

- Finally the Magnetic Water Treater, helps to reduce scale build-up.

Installing an HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system onto your mains gives you complete control over the purity of water from every tap in your home.


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