Total home solutions

Our mission to reinvent the New Zealand invironment has evolved from purifying your air, to offering a total home solution. It’s so much more than ventilation – it’s heating, cooling and clean filtered water for your entire home.

It became our mission because many kiwi homes sit below World Health Organisation standards. They’re damp, cold, mouldy and poorly ventilated – signs of an unhealthy invironment. One where asthma, allergies, hay fever and illness can run rife.

In our taps, we see the same issues. Our tap water supply may have many toxins and additives like chlorine, heavy metals and sediment, all affecting the health and wellbeing of kiwi families.

At HRV, we believe our invironments can be a whole lot better than that – and we’ve made it possible with a range of smart products, developed with world-leading technology and put to the test in the toughest New Zealand invironments.

We have the answer to making your invironment the purest, most comfortable space it can be. Heating, cooling, water filtration and ventilation – this is a healthy home, and this is what we do.

Take a look.