Auckland Heating

Keep your Auckland home comfortable all year round


HRV are on a mission to leave no home behind and create drier, warmer homes across New Zealand. Along with Ventilation and Water Filtration, we provide a wide range of heating solutions suited to any area of your home.

We stock a range of heating options that can be measured and suited to the size of any space you need to keep warm in winter or cool down in the hot summer months.

If it's a Heat Pump you're after, then it's very important that you install the correct size Heat Pump for your Auckland home, as a wrongly sized Pump can lead to an increased power bill and an unhappy and chilly homeowner. A HRV Heat Pump is the perfect addition to any Auckland home as their heating/cooling function is easily adjustable to suit what the Auckland climate sometimes tends to throw at you.

If you already have a fire in your home, then a Heat Transfer System could be an option for you. Our HRV Heat Transfer, paired up with our Next Generation Ventilation system uses the heat from a powerful heating source, such a open fire or wood burner and pushes the heat to the areas of your home that are normally much colder. The system is designed to balance the heat between your living area and bedrooms, making for a much more comfortable and cosy home.

Auckland weather patterns can be very unpredictable, with temperatures fluctuating up and down – sometimes all in one day, so ensuring you and your family are kept comfortable all year round is a job for the experts. Here at HRV we have trained Sales teams and Service technicians located in Auckland to make sure you're left satisfied and more importantly comfortable in your own home.

Heating is an essential part to creating a happy, healthy living invironment and here at HRV we’re dedicated to providing you with products that do just that.

Click below to see how your home can benefit from a Heat Pump:

  • Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling system available for your home.
  • Your heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat, but extracts it from one body of air and transfers it to another.
  • Air passes through the unit on the outside of your home called the evaporator, where heat is absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. This absorption converts the liquid into gas, which is full of energy.
  • This gas then passes through a compressor where it’s compressed down to the point that it starts to heat up.
  • The heated gas then moves through to the indoor unit called the condenser, where the gas releases heat into the air surrounding the coil.
  • That heat is then distributed through your home by a fan, and this cycle is repeated constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • This process means that even if the air outside is freezing, your heat pump can extract heat energy from it and distribute it evenly through your home.
  • In summer the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside - leaving your invironment comfortable and cool.

Our team is expert in assessing your heating requirements and we’d be happy to talk you through the best option for your place. 

HRV offer Ventilation, Water Filtration, Heating and Cooling options to the following Auckland areas:

North Auckland, Central Auckland, East Auckland, West Auckland, South Auckland, Waiheke Island

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