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Stay warm in your Christchurch home this Winter

Winter is here and freezing outside temperatures mean families all over the Canterbury region are doing everything possible to keep warm. Throwing an extra blanket on the bed, or snuggling close to your hot water bottle doesn't quite cut it when the cold weather hits. It is important to ensure your home has adequate heating to keep your living space warm and more importantly those living inside it, healthy.

HRV have a range of Heating Solutions suitable for your Winter needs. If you find you can easily heat the living area, but when it comes to bedtime you're left to crawl into a freezing bed, then a Heat Transfer System could be the right option for you. If you already have an HRV Ventilation system and keep your lounge warm with a fire then you're already two thirds of the way there. A Heat Transfer system uses the heat from an existing heat source, such as a fire, and balances the temperature in other areas of your home, making bedtime much more inviting. No need to cuddle up to your pets to keep warm!

We also have a range of LHZ Tablet Heaters and Heat Pumps available - both energy-efficient solutions to heat your desired living area or bedroom. Both these heating options are easy to use and because they're sized correctly for the space of the room, your heating needs will be taken care of, without a huge and excessive spike in your power bill.

All of our heating products are measured and fitted to the space that needs heating and our Christchurch Sales and Services teams are here to help you along the way, should you need a hand. A Christchurch winter can be hard to tackle on your own, so let HRV help you create a warmer and happier place to live for you and your family!

See how your home can benefit from a Heat Pump:

  • Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling system available for your home.
  • Your heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat, but extracts it from one body of air and transfers it to another.
  • Air passes through the unit on the outside of your home called the evaporator, where heat energy is absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. This absorption converts the liquid into gas, which is full of energy.
  • This gas then passes through a compressor where it’s compressed down to the point that it starts to heat up.
  • The heated gas then moves through to the indoor unit called the condenser, where the gas releases heat into the air surrounding the coil.
  • That heat is then distributed by a fan, and this cycle is repeated constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • This process means that even if the air outside is freezing, your heat pump can extract heat energy from it and distribute it into your home.
  • In summer the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside - leaving your invironment comfortable and cool.


HRV offer Ventilation, Water Filtration, Heating and Cooling options to the following Christchurch areas:

Christchurch, Timaru, Ashburton, Rangiora, Rolleston, Lincoln, Temuka, Woodend, Waimate, Geraldine, Oxford, Darfield, Kaikoura, Methven, Leeston, Amberley, Pleasant Point, Twizel, Rakaia

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