Property Managers

Breathing life into rentals

Stale, dank air. Paint and wallpaper peeled off walls. Mould and mildew problems. Damaged curtains, carpet and windowsills. Sounds like terrible tenants, but often it’s just the damage our cold, damp NZ homes create.

You can maximise returns and protect an investment property by improving and maintaining a dry, healthy invironment with HRV total home solutions. Improving air quality can mean the end to countless property maintenance problems, and can help sort the issue of short-term tenants who up and leave because of the unappealing, unhealthy environment.

If you’re recommending ventilation, heating or cooling to your landlords, make sure you talk to HRV. Talk to the team at your local franchise directly about HRV to learn more about the HRV range of products, or call (0800 478 123).