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A healthy profit from a home

A home that feels and smells damp is a very hard sell. The advice is often to make sure you sell in summer, so the issue is not so obvious. But that’s just handing a health problem on to the next unwitting purchaser. Plus, any buyer who knew their stuff would spot the signs, whatever the season.

To make the home as appealing as possible on the market, the best advice you can give a vendor is to get rid of the problem.

Our clever range of products provides a total home solution – ventilation, retro-fit double glazing, heating, cooling and water – so you can create a comfortable, healthy and more desirable home to sell.

Next time you’re at an appraisal and see issues with the invironment that may stand in the way of a sale, recommend HRV total home solutions to your vendors. We offer straightforward solutions that add ongoing value to the property they’re selling.

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