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Keep Winter outside where it belongs with HRV Heating

HRV have the heating products that your home needs to ensure it stays warm and cosy this winter and the horrible, damp and freezing weather stays outside for good. We have energy-efficient Heat Pumps and Tablet Heaters as stand-alone options, easily fitted in any living area or large bedroom. As well as retro-fit heating options that are perfectly partnered with the HRV Next Generation Ventilation system, such as a Heat Transfer System.

Due to the freezing temperatures, homes in the Dunedin region are susceptible to cold spots - areas in the home where your heating source doesn't quite reach and spots of damp and cold brew unpleasantly. This is commonly found on the Southern side of the home, or in the far back bedrooms. Evenly distributing heat around your home can be difficult and dramatic drops in temperature can result in an unhealthy living invironment. HRV's Heat Transfer System is designed to even out the temperatures in your home by utilising the heat from an existing heat source, such as a fire place, and sharing the warmth around. Paired with an HRV Ventilation System, this is a cost-effective way of keeping your home warmer and healthier, without having to have a heater roaring at each end of the house.

 See how your home can benefit from a Heat Transfer system:


  • HRV’s Heat Transfer system is designed to balance temperatures in the home in the most efficient way possible.
  • It does this by taking advantage of existing heat sources and transferring heat to other rooms in the house.
  • Whilst one room in particular may be heated comfortably, other rooms in your home might be colder than you’d like.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system uses a large fan and insulated ducting system to take the latent heat from a primary heat source and push it to other areas of the house that require a change in temperature.
  • The HRV Heat Transfer system is fully integrated with our core ventilation system so you can intelligently manage your invironment.
  • The result is a much more efficient use of your heating and a balanced, purer invironment overall.

HRV can best assess your heating needs by visiting your home and doing a free in-home assessment. To get the best out of any of our products they need to be sized correctly and made to fit your specific area of choice. Don't freeze this Winter, get in touch and we'll discuss how you can benefit from our HRV Heating Solutions and create a warmer, more comfortable home for you and your family.


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