HRV Ventilation - Helping You Breathe Easy This Spring - 26/08/2016

Ah, spring - It’s almost that wondrous time of the year when little lambs can be seen frolicking in the pastures, flowers begin to blossom and the earth regenerates from its frosty winter slumber. Unfortunately, spring isn’t all sunshine and cherry blossoms for everyone; spring is also the bearer of allergens and other airborne particles that can aggravate allergies, especially through the dust in our homes.

Some people are lucky to get away with no symptoms at all or maybe an annoying bout of hayfever every now and then, but many New Zealanders who suffer from moderate to severe allergic reactions from airborne pollens can find every day living stressful, painful and even life-threatening.

As amazing as it would be to eradicate allergens altogether, many common allergens are present in dust particles and invisible pollens all around us, making getting rid of them mere impossible. Thankfully though, you can make your home an allergy-friendly haven with HRV home ventilation systems.

Together with Allergy New Zealand and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, HRV want to make your home invironment clean, pure and healthy so that you can enjoy not only better air quality but a better quality of life. Spring shouldn’t be something to dread or be afraid of and no-one should have to live in an environment that makes them ill and unhappy.

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Why do we get more allergies in spring?

About 1.2 million New Zealanders suffer from pollen-related allergies which is about a quarter of our population. If you’re not personally affected by a respiratory illness, then it probably means you know somebody who is.

There are a few common types of allergies that are triggered around spring time – hay fever, otherwise known as allergic rhinitis, is the most common. Hay fever is often written off as an illness to be considered seriously, even though its sufferers can have a terrible time especially if they’re not able to take medication for it.

Other illnesses that may be further aggravated by hay fever are asthma, sleep apnoea and conjunctivitis from continually rubbing runny eyes, not to mention more serious lung and respiratory illnesses and infections. 

While it’s spring that is the main culprit for pollen explosions, about fifty percent of hay fever sufferers experience symptoms for more than four months a year - that’s a long time to have to endure constant red and itchy eyes, runny and blocked noses, headaches and ear infections.

Medication such as antihistamines can provide temporary relief for these symptoms but not only is this a hassle as they have to be taken several times a day, some people who suffer from hay fever can’t take this medication, for other health or lifestyle reasons.

Hay fever can also lead to other symptoms that can have a negative impact on the person’s life - lethargy and poor concentration and behaviour changes in young children is a common observance which is often not linked back to the trouble of respiratory illnesses. Frequent headaches, and difficulty sleeping due to discomfort, are common symptoms of allergy sufferers and this can take a gradual toll on our quality of life.

There might not be a cure for hay fever or asthma, but you can help to make your home an allergy-friendly zone with adequate ventilation.

How HRV ventilation can help make your home allergy friendly

Breathing in your home is made easier with ventilation - and HRV have the marks to prove it.  As part of the Sensitive Choice programme, HRV products have the seal of approval from the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand and the national Asthma Council Australia. This is no mean feat - HRV ventilation has had to be rigorously tested to get this stamp, and we’re committed to home ventilation in New Zealand that keeps everyone breathing easy.

⅓ of all kiwi homes have mould or dampness problems which can have repercussions for your health, especially your respiratory system. It’s an ideal breeding ground for dust mites and other allergy triggers.

Ventilation is what HRV are best at, in fact HRV’s Next Generation system is New Zealand’s number one selling ventilation system.

Ventilation can improve the quality of air in your home by pushing the stale allergen-filled air outside. HRV’s four-stage SETA nanofibre filtration process captures over 90% of dust particles, spores, pollen, bacteria and other allergy triggers as small as 0.4 of a micron.

Not only do HRV’s filters remove a whole heap of bad stuff from the air in your home, but the home ventilation systems filters 2-4 times per hour, ensuring you and your family are breathing cleaner air all of the time - there’s basically no time for the particles to settle!

The difference in air quality is remarkable - even if you can’t escape the pollen and allergens from outside, your home can be a place where you can stress less about runny noses and itchy eyes!

Say hello to a healthy ventilated home 

Even though spring is just around the corner, thinking about changing your home invironment with HRV ventilation now can save you stress and have you and your family enjoying cleaner air by the time the pollen explosion hits.

Because we can’t see air, we can forget that it is actually full of particles that not every person’s health agrees with. If you don’t have allergies yourself, think about the hassle of getting sick just by breathing!

Thankfully, Allergy NZ, The Asthma + Respiratory Foundation New Zealand and now HRV understand that for many New Zealanders, breathing isn’t as easy as it could be. We’re really proud to work with these foundations to continue to improve the air quality and life quality of all New Zealanders who suffer from respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Our commitment to developing our products with the knowledge and seal of approval of Allergy NZ and The Asthma + Respiratory Foundation means that you can breathe easy knowing that there are like minded kiwis who are looking out for you and your family.

If you want to change your home environment to a healthy, clean invironment, contact HRV for an assessment of your home. We’ll provide you with a plan that’s unique to you and your lifestyle, so that you can say hello to health and goodbye to a runny nose.


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