HRV’s Landlord Leasing Plan - An investment for life - 07/07/2016

Does your investment property need a ventilation system?

You’re a landlord. You’ve found the perfect tenants for a great home you own. Everything seems to be going perfectly well until winter hits and all of a sudden your perfect tenants can’t get away fast enough. Could it be that all your rental property needs is a little help from HRV’s Next Generation Ventilation systems? It’s even more important in this day and age to ensure your rental properties are not only presentable, but are warm, comfortable and especially, healthy. As homeownership is becoming increasingly more difficult for families, many New Zealanders are looking more into long-term renting as an adequate housing solution. Because of this, housing standards need to be up to scratch so that New Zealand families can enjoy the comforts of a healthy home that feels like their own. The things that make a house uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy are often effects of inadequate ventilation like excess moisture and dampness, condensation and mould. Installing a home ventilation system for a rental property can seem excessive or like an investment that you’re not entirely willing to make. But the benefits of a ventilated house are not only good for the house itself, but will be more attractive to the kind of people you want to lease your home long term, making it better for you. With HRV’s Leasing Solution, you can have an ideal rental property and there are different pricing plans to suit you, so that upfront costs are limited and the desirability of your property is maximised.


What are the effects of a damp house and what can you do about it?

HRV’s latest State of Home survey revealed that 45% of lessees that took part in the survey have moved out of a rental property because it was cold damp or mouldy. On top of this, 56% of tenants reported that their landlords were slow to act or didn’t act at all to fix the problem. Older New Zealand homes are prone to condensation and tend to struggle during the colder months. In fact, 46% of Kiwi homes are prone to excess moisture which can led to all sorts of issues for your home’s furnishings and the people occupying your property. Mould is the primary effect of excess moisture and inadequate home ventilation and it can make people sick, aggravating asthma and allergies. You might not see any visible mould, but if your property has visible condensation on windows, and a damp smelly home, chances are there is mould growing somewhere, or is about to. Not only does dampness make a house unhealthy and uncomfortable, it can also damage the materials your house is built from. For instance, wood that is exposed to too much moisture can begin to warp making them unusable or in need of repair; curtains, carpet and wallpaper can begin to mould. All these are undesirables when people are looking to rent a home, making your ideal tenant that much further away, and even decreasing the value of your property.


How can you combat dampness with HRV?

It’s never too late to make your property an even worthier investment by taking advantage of HRV’s leasing scheme. By doing so you can put yourself in the top 44% of landlords who invest in both their property and the relationship with their tenants to create better results for everyone involved. To combat mould, dampness and condensation HRV has a solution to suit every property, old or new. Next Generation Ventilation systems and Vortex Bathroom Extraction work together to remove moisture from your home. Our home ventilation systems are modern, intuitive and extremely easy to use. With features like touchscreen keypads, set and forget technology, nano-fibre filtration and in-built smoke detection, Next Generation Ventilation is so much more than simply condensation control. With a drier, warmer, higher air quality property, your house is guaranteed to attract long-term, satisfied tenants, will add capital value to your investment property and is a desirable feature if ever you need to sell.

Another excellent way to remove excess moisture is with a Vortex Bathroom Extraction system. As bathrooms are a main source of moisture in the home, it makes sense to prevent as much moisture coming from the bathroom and getting into the rest of the house as possible. The Vortex system extracts up to 550m3 of air per hour, and is rated to last for at least 30,000 hours, so it has a guaranteed long and reliable life span. It’s even fitted with an optional IntelliSwitch timer, which allows you to continue running the Vortex even when you leave the room. Fitting your rental property with both a ventilation system and a bathroom extraction system could be the difference between an average and amazing tenant, and the knowledge that your property is going to suffer less from moisture damage, is better for your wallet in the long run.


The benefits of the HRV Leasing Plan

So now that you’re aware of how your rental property could benefit from an HRV ventilation system, now the big question is, how much is this going to cost? Are there payment plans available? Our HRV Landlord Leasing Solution means that you can achieve fresh, dry and filtered air in your rental with an easy-to-arrange, tax-deductible, leasing payment option. The table below is an example of a payment option for a rental property:




If you wanted to pay off a $3500 HRV purchase for an investment property over a four year period for instance, you could be paying as little as $20 per week after you’ve added on the tax you’ll claim back. The investment will add value to your property, which means that you can justify a higher premium rental fee as your tenants enjoy a warmer and healthier home, especially in winter. Remember that a property with no home ventilation system is like a ticking time bomb: sooner or later the nasty effects of moisture like mould, mildew and potential illness for inhabitants, will make themselves known. By making the most of a good payment plan option, you could be circumventing expensive maintenance fees from moisture damage, and you will barely notice a dent in your pocket with your weekly investment fee. It’s more important than ever to make your investment property stand out from the rest. An HRV Next-Generation Ventilation system is a major asset and is attractive to good tenants who want a long term, secure and healthy tenancy. For more information, visit our website or give us a call to discuss the best HRV Leasing Plan for your rental property.