The only place in the world you wouldn't need a water filter - 01/12/2014

New Zealand's water is some of the clearest and cleanest in the world, so it comes as no surprise that we have the worlds clearest lake. Blue Lake (Rotomairewhenau) is located within Nelson Lakes National Park in the South Island's Southern Alps. 

Unfortunately this water is not what comes out of taps. These days our water contains a lot more than a few hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It starts off pure as rainwater. From there, it’s all – literally – down hill. Chlorine, heavy metals, sediment – they can come out of every tap in your home. 

So how clear is the Blue Lake?

A 2011 optical study by New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research found that underwater objects are still visible through 80 meters of Blue Lake water. Only certain pristine Pacific waters near Easter Island have received optical scores as high as Blue Lake.

What's the secret?

The Blue Lake is entirely fed by glacial water from the much larger lake, Lake Constance. Lake Constance sits just above the mountain beech treeline, which acts as a barrier keeping plant and animal material at bay. Every 24 hours the lake drains itself, so water does not stick around long enough to stagnate. 

No Swimming Zone

The lake is considered tapu, you can look but you can't swim. Even if you could go swimming in Blue Lake, you probably wouldn't want to. Due to its glacial source of water, the lake is bitterly cold all year round. 

Have water as clean as the Blue Lake with a Water Filter

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