The Winter That Wasn't - Make Every Winter Warm With HRV - 01/11/2016

Winter is officially over, which means hello to spring sunshine and showers and goodbye to five layers of clothing and a perpetual sniffle - for a few months. Yes sadly, although a year without winter sounds heavenly to some, we know that it’s going to come roaring back in next year with the same frosty welcome.

It’s been a particularly benign winter this year - not without its chilly snaps but the overall temperature was above average in most parts of New Zealand. While this is good for the power bill and your comfort, winter is supposed to be cold. And next year’s one is likely to be.

You have to feel a bit sorry for winter really - as soon as it’s over everyone forgets about, relishing in the warmer weather and the anticipation of summer. Forgetting about winter isn’t going to make the bad bits of it go away, though. If your home suffers from dampness, mould, condensation and is hard to heat, it’s going to come back next winter with a vengeance.

Thankfully, that’s where HRV systems come in handy. They’re pretty much mould, cold and condensations worst enemy - it’s our mission to ease the stress and dread you feel each year about heating your home and keeping it free of dampness and the other ill effects of cold. We want to make you enjoy winter in your home and here are a few ways you can prepare for next year’s winter with us.

Why was this winter warmer?

Winter was less savage in the Pacific this year, due to a weather pattern called El Nino which is characterised by higher overall temperature, lower sea level pressure, and as a result of this, more Westerly winds (the warm ones). This kind of weather pattern also means that winter was cut short, and summer is likely to be a warmer one.

El Nino though is an occasional weather pattern, so while it might have been nice to have a shortened winter with a more agreeable climate, things are not always going to be this way. Our meteorologists are great at predicting weather patterns, but there’s no way to say definitely whether our next winter is going to be a mild or a harsh one.

Also, when winter’s gone, hayfever season arrives for a whole bunch of Kiwis - this can be annoying, stressful and painful and this year’s short winter has welcomed in a whole bunch of allergens too early for most people’s liking.

So yes - while our skills of prediction cannot go beyond the human level (although we’re working on it), we do know that winter will come again and that the best way for making your home winter-friendly instead of frosty is to prepare for it

How our Heat Pump and Home Ventilation Systems help you get winter ready?

We’ve got products to suit all kinds of homes. A happy, healthy home invironment needs a few components. Good ventilation is key - when your home is well ventilated it breathes better, removing stale air from inside your home and allowing fresh air to then recirculate in your home. Our range of home ventilation systems are suited for a whole variety of New Zealand homes, and we’ve got ways to make them suit every lifestyle. Of course, air from the outside has lots of little hangers-on like pollen and other allergens, so our Ventilation system, built with nano-fibre filtration helps to remove them for you, making that fresh air allergy friendly.

While ventilation is needed all year round, it’s only in winter when you need warmth, preferably by the bucket load. We all know that heating can be pricey, and depending on what kind of heat system you use, can inflict even more damage on the home like dampness and mould. Most New Zealand homes are 2-4 degrees below the recommended temperature, and this drops significantly over winter, so if it’s a heating solution you’re after, we’ve got you sorted. Heat pumps are a healthy, efficient way to heat your home. If you’ve already got a roaring wood burner, our heat transfer systems can actually transfer this heat to the far corners of your home.

To get this heat to actually stay in the home so that you’re not heating the whole neighbourhood, you need to make sure it can’t escape. Windows are a culprit for huge amounts of heat loss in winter. Our retro-fit double glazed window solution means we can double glaze pre-existing windows in your home - no need to spend heaps of money on a massive window installation, but you’ll reap all the benefits of double-glazed windows that help retain warmth in winter. Now how’s that for efficiency?

Say goodbye to a cold, uncomfortable home!

You could say that here at HRV we’re pretty dedicated to happy and healthy homes. In fact, you can drop the ‘pretty’ and say we’re fully dedicated to this. We know that a dry, warm and healthy home is not only cheaper to heat and cool, but actually, helps to make your family home so much more comfortable all year round.

If you had prepared last year, you might already be basking in the ambience of an allergy-friendly and warm home. But if you haven’t, while you’re doing your spring cleaning it might be a good time to think about taking cleaning to a whole new level by improving your home invironment.

It’s easy to say you’ll get around to doing something about the condensation problem and heating your home, and yet by the time winter comes around you’re already in the throes of a bad cold, so you just chuck another layer on like your grandad taught you to try and get over it. Until next winter.

We don’t believe that any New Zealand home should suffer in winter. That thinking is old school! Being warm and having a home that you can actually enjoy being in winter shouldn’t be a luxury - it should be how Kiwi should live! Join the revolution and say goodbye to the ‘stick another layer on’ generation - prepare you home for winter and relish warmth, comfort and health.


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