Ventilating a home to help children - 04/04/2012

Parents Centre is spearheading a Community led initiative to begin to address the complex issues surrounding child poverty and poor health in New Zealand. Parents Centre has partnered with Leading ventilation specialist, HRV to provide ventilation and heating for a deserving and carefully selected home.

The Sustainability Trust is also joining the project-and will complete a full home assessment, provide insulation and curtains and energy analysis in the home, with the objective to reducing energy bills for the family.

The initiative has been named the 'Starfish Project' after the famous Starfish Story about how to make a difference when the core issue, widespread poverty contributing to poor health, simply seems too big to tackle.

"Child poverty in this country is reaching epic proportions," says Parents Centre's chief executive Viv Gurrey. "Many children are suffering lasting health effects through living in poor conditions and unhealthy family homes.Parents Centre see this as a significant community issue and we want to lead the way across New Zealand in developing community solutions- the time for talking at a community level is done-now we need to 'do'. We are laying challenge down to everyone in the community to step up with us and make a quantum difference".