Ventilation for a happy home - 27/11/2014

Now that Winter is a long forgotten bad dream, New Zealanders can look forward to a wonderful Summer break and hang up their Winter coats. 

Be prepared with ventilation

However, it won't be long until the next Winter comes rolling around. Now is the perfect time to look ahead at the benefits of a core ventilation unit.

Number one ventilation system

The HRV Next Generation is NZ’s #1 selling ventilation system. Our exclusive nano-fibre filter technology provides the highest quality air for you and your family – we’re the only ventilation system in New Zealand to have Sensitive Choice accreditation. We’ve also added an intuitive new touchscreen controller and an inbuilt smoke detector so it will automatically shut down if any smoke is detected in the roof, for ultimate peace of mind.

Ventilation changes the home environment

The Bessem family are extremely busy, and always on the go. They used to come late at night to a cold and damp home. With no ventilation in place, they noticed mould was growing on the roof, which exacerbated the son's asthma. 

Since installing the ventilation, the family has been sleeping better and waking up feeling a lot more rested. A dryer home has meant they have been a lot happier as a family. 

Free ventilation assessment

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