Ventilation System Saved the Teura Family - 22/01/2015

The Teura family talk about how HRV is the best investment they've ever made. With members of the family suffering from asthma and eczema, the ventilation system turned their house into a dry and healthy home. 

Now that their home is dry and free from dampness and mould, Brook says hers eczema does not flair up as much as it used to, thanks to installing the HRV ventilation system. 

An HRV ventilation system reduces the triggers for illness, like, mould, dust mites, allergens and pollen, by thoroughly ventilating the air in your home. 

It's daunting to think thay 1 in 4 NZ kids has asthma and the rate of environmental allergies such as hay fever and eczema has double the last 15 years. A major cause of developing allergies is due to damp and cold homes with little to no ventilation and air filtration.  

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