Wairakei joins HRV Water In Schools Project - 21/03/2016

Students at Wairakei Primary School in the central North Island are filling up their drink bottles with fresh clean water thanks to a new water filtration system installed as part of HRV’s Water In Schools Project.

“The children are definitely drinking more of it, which has got to be good for them, and that confirms to us that the water must taste good,” says principal Paula Farquhar.

She says the school jumped at the chance to have HRV water installed because it gives her and her staff peace of mind that all 280 children are drinking fresh, healthy water when they are at school.

“Our school is 8 kilometres out of town and our students live in different areas of our community with varying water sources so having a water purification system just makes sense,” she says.

Although New Zealand has a clean and green reputation, many of our lakes and waterways are polluted, with smaller towns and rural areas especially prone to water quality issues. In light of this, HRV set up the Water In Schools Project last year and it is back up and running in 2016 with the main goal of providing kiwi schools with a constant supply of pure, clean and healthy water.

Water Day at Wairakei School

To celebrate their new water filtration system, and to get pupils pumped about drinking the cool clean clear stuff, Wairakei Primary School hosted a water day early in term one. 

The day was all about promoting the importance of drinking healthy and clean water, inspiring students to drink more of it, and encouraging discussion about water quality issues in the surrounding area.

HRV representatives attended the day, and received a tour of the school grounds organised and hosted by the school’s senior students.

Wairakei School