Water Articles from around the country

At HRV we are comitted to bringing fresh clean water to every of your house. Nowadays there’s a lot more in our water than a few hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Chlorine, heavy metals, sediment – they can come out of every tap in your home. But for our health’s sake, they don’t need to. Below is a collection of articles from around New Zealand which contain references to the water you are drinking.

Water woes strike Taumarunui - 19/05/2014 

Water upgrade a $10m council priority - 25/02/2014

Auckland population to outgrow water supply - 28/01/2014

Water quality tops public concerns - 16/12/2013

'Brown' water safe - council - 05/09/2013

Waikato River in 'serious decline' - 09/08/2013

No clean green NZ water in Tokomaru - 01/08/2013

Swim at your own risk - 30/07/2013

Drinking water contamination spike - 30/06/2013

Is bottled water a case of money down the drain? - 10/06/2013

Aucklanders, you know you’re drinking the Waikato River - 29/04/2011

Fifth of Kiwis drinking unsafe water - survey - 27/10/2010

Kiwis still have water that's not fit to drink - 26/11/2009