Water filters recommended for well owners - 16/12/2014

Last month the Hawke's Bay Today featured an article regarding the risk of water quality private well owners face. There was serious concern over groundwater quality after Horizons Regional Council tested the areas water. 

Water contaminants found

Groundwater is subject to a range of contaminants, the environmental consultancy firm Pattle Delamore Partners analysed water samples for iron, maganese, ammonia, nitrate, E coli and arsenic. 

Treat water before consumption

Although the findings concluded the water was safe for irrigation and stock water, it would need to be treated before human consumption due to iron, manganese and arsenic occuring naturally in the earth.

Water filters for well owners

Drinking water is not the only way you can absorb contaminants from groundwater, even washing clothes or bathing in unfiltered water may affect your skin and overall health. 

How water filters work

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