Water Supply at Risk - 19/12/2014

The Waikato Times recently reported the risk of Paeroa's water supply being contaminated if plans to mine the Karangahake Gorge, a proposal by mining company New Talisman, goes ahead.

Town opposes mining

Last week over a hundred protestors gathered to march on the Hauraki District Council building, opposing the mining company's proposal.

A representative from New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals NZPM was present during a meeting with the council, where protestors showcased evidence that Paeroa's drinking water could be contaminated if the mining went ahead. 

The evidence is clear

The proposed mining site is upstream from the town's water supply and threatens the quality of the towns water. A signed affidavit from Waikato Professor of Chemistry, Dr Chris Hendy stated the risks mining poses to the towns water supply. Mining exposes air and water to acid leachate and other heavy metals. 

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