What is an HRV Heat Transfer system? - 11/08/2014

An HRV Heat Transfer system uses your existing heat sources (heaters, fires etc) and optimises their efficiency by distributing latent heat into other areas of your home. This creates a balance throughout your home as the heat transfer system automatically detects uneven temperatures and pushes warm or cool air into other rooms.

The Heat Transfer system has a centrifugal fan and insulated ducting. This is an innovative fan design that creates pressure to gently push air rather than forcibly blowing it.

heat transfer system

It’s not just for winter, HRV’s Heat Transfer system can be used all year round to heat or cool multiple rooms ensuring your house is not just a house, but also a home. It can be fully integrated into an HRV core ventilation system for a total home solution.

Why do I need heat transfer? 

Why heat just one room when you can balance temperatures in your entire home? One room may be heated comfortably, but other rooms might be colder than you like. It can be a real shock to the system after enjoying a meal with the family in the warm dining room, to then crawl into bed in a cold bedroom. 

The best part about heat transfer

The HRV Heat Transfer systems intelligently manage your invironment with set and forget technology. The touchscreen keypad is an intuitive and user-friendly controller of your entire home.

Watch the video below to see the heat transfer system in action.

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