Why do I need a ventilation system? - 05/08/2014

Whatever the weather, rain or shine, a ventilation system is the best way to combat cold and damp ‘invironments’ in your home - these conditions are a breeding ground for mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Not only does this ruin your furniture, clothing, carpet and basically everything in your home, it can also causes respiratory problems and allergies.

According to NIWA, our outdoor air is among the best you’ll breathe anywhere in the world, which comes as no surprise. However, when it comes to the air inside New Zealand homes, it’s a different story. And that is a surprise.

According to BRANZ, almost half of all Kiwi homes suffer from condensation. Even more concerning, approximately 35% of homes show signs of visible mould- one of the most aggressive triggers for asthma, which one in four Kiwi kids will develop.

But I live in a nice house!

The issue of damp, mould-infested homes is not just confined to lower socioeconomic areas- it’s a national problem and housing all over the country are suffering from the same sickness. New Zealand homes are among the unhealthiest in the western world. Older homes were built against non-existent building regulations, cue: drafts and leaks. And new homes are sealed so tight they fail to breathe at all.

Think of an HRV ventilation system as the lungs of your home - in order for your home to survive, it needs to breathe. Most New Zealanders are living in houses that are far below the standard recommended by the World Health Organisation, when it comes to heating our homes. This has a huge impact on the health and well being of many Kiwi’s - affecting adults work performance and children’s capability at school.

Can’t I just turn the heater on?

No, you need a total home solution - simply insulating your home and cranking up the heat won’t help you. When it comes to air inside your home, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Humid air harbours allergens and helps dust mites breed, the only way to remove this moisture is through ventilation.

And in winter, all you would be doing is cranking up your electricity bill unnecessarily. Dry air is much easier and faster to heat; a home ventilation system will make your heating sources much more efficient.

Why an HRV ventilation system?

HRV delivers world-leading filtration with its nanofibre technology- fitted with a Seta filter that not only removes moisture from the air but also captures microscopic allergens, pollutants and other harmful particles that cause asthma and other respiratory issues that other filters miss. The Seta nanofibres are 500 times thinner than a human hair, allowing it capture the smallest of particles in the air. HRV ventilation systems create clean, pure, dry air, free from allergens, bacteria and pollen.

HRV is the only company in New Zealand to offer this technology in its filters, which are designed specifically for Kiwi homes. And with a suite of 10 products to help ventilate, filter and heat, HRV is a total home solution. We have installed our products in over 140,000 homes, making us the largest home solutions company in New Zealand.

We survey thousands of homes a year, seeing first hand the effect of living in unhealthy homes. Call 0800 HRV 123 to book a FREE healthy home check or reach us on our contact form.