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Got a home that just doesn’t breathe over those hot, sticky summer months?

That hot, humid invironment is pretty draining and not very comfortable to live in, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Cooling 730Wide

Getting cool air in is the only way, so we have several solutions that can help transform your invironment from an oven, to cool, calm retreat, so you can get on with living (or sleeping).

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We have a range of products designed to help keep you home cool and balanced. Please take a look at some of the the specific issues Kiwi's face with cooling their homes or browse of range of cooling products.

What our customers say

Delighted with their HRV; the Shannons are enjoying clean air and an even temperature throughout their house. Allergies through to dustmites have improved dramatically and they also love the Burnt-Toast mode that allows them to flush the house with fresh air.

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