Make the sun work for you

HRV have been working with Kiwi families to create their perfect home invironmentTM for over a decade. As part of our on-going vision to make all Kiwi homes warm, dry and comfortable, HRV Solar builds on this expertise and experience to offer the latest in home solar technologies.


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HRV Solar Installation Process

From your initial enquiry to our ongoing aftercare service, HRV Solar experts will work with you to ensure your solar installation process runs smoothly and you get the most out of your system.

  • Tell us about your property
  • We analyse the information you've provided, then conduct a home consultation
  • An HRV Solar engineer undertakes a pre-installation assessment
  • Installation day!



To make the most of your Solar Solution, you may want to pick up a few new habits – particularly if your system doesn’t include a storage battery.

You’ll need to look at how your energy use fluctuates over a 24-hour cycle, and where possible, look to shift usage to happen during daylight hours, when your system is producing power. For example, using the washing machine and dishwasher, and filling storage heaters and charging home laptops during the day.

Making your home more energy efficient overall will also help. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs, investing in the most power efficient appliances and ensuring your home is properly insulated will help your system cover a greater ratio of your overall power usage.

How it Works

Quite simply, installing a Solar Solution allows you to harness powerful and sustainable energy from the sun’s rays to power your home.

Solar panels capture solar energy, which inverters then convert into a ‘home-ready’ format which can be used by your home’s existing electrical system.

This power will be generated whenever the sun is shining on your panels.

If you would like to use solar power 24/7, batteries store solar energy for use at night and on overcast days. At the forefront of solar technology, HRV’s range of batteries can be added to any Solar Solution.



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Join the revolution. Harness the sun’s energy to power your home. Available in Auckland only at present.