Teura family

The Teura family swears by their HRV ventilation system - They’ve seen reduced condensation and experienced a ‘cleaner’ feeling in their home. 


By using energy efficient heat sources you can create a more comfortable home. Our range of HRV heating products provide you with smart ways to warm your whole home or if you prefer, single rooms. Talk with us today!


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Filtered air in – stale air out. Proper ventilation in a home can create a huge difference for asthma and allergy sufferers by reducing common triggers, such as dust mites, some allergens and pollen. Our range of ventilation products helps provide you with filtered air through our exclusive SETA nano-fibre filtration technology.


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Petra Molloy

Just to let you know that the air conditioning unit has been installed and works perfectly, but more especially I would like to say what a pleasure it was to have your boys, Sam Ravi and Ali install it. They worked hard and were unfailingly courteous and left the apartment spotless. So thank you and I cannot recommend your company highly enough but will surely try and advise others to use your services.

Many Thanks 

Jacqueline Parekh

My husband and I would like to record our sincere appreciation to Anil Deo and Ali Majeed Buqari on a job well done in installing our HRV system a month ago.

Both Anil and Ali were very professional yet patient and approachable as they answered all our questions and supported us through the installation process. They were also very good in ensuring they cleared up all debris before completing their job and exiting the premises.

They should also be commended on providing some valuable advice to augment the ventilation of our home - all the while not appearing too pushy for a sale. It is of course no surprise that we thought about their advice and specifically called them in to install a bathroom fan (Vortex) extractor last weekend. 

We had a great customer experience and would like to commend Anil and Ali on a job well done as well as being great brand ambassadors for HRV.



Aarmeena Nagra

I had my HRV panel go blank and I had this young man come to my place to see where the fault was. I am short of words to tell how amazing he is not only at his work but also as an individual. Not even for a second I felt I had a stranger at my place. He had all his smiles and such a calm demeanor that I was so impressed by his services. I told him that I would love to have only him at my place for any kind of HRV faults. He was good at his paperwork, explanation of the fault and updated about the product installation dates and warranty period. In short he had all his home work done perfectly, and not to forget about his punctuality, he was at my place at the exact time not even a second early or late. I highly appreciate his skills, nature and customer support. He belongs to WASC01 and his name is Jayrrick. He visited me at Orchard Rise Papakura. I believe he surely is an asset to your team.


I have used HRV for a year now. My house in New Lynn was muggy hot in Summer, felt like a ice cove in Winter. After the 3-motor HRV put in, we found the 8-yr shoe smell vanished in our foyer. My uncle came back said it'd never been this fresh before. Major temp is between 17 and 21 degrees all year long. Auntie said HRV saved her housework coz she wouldn't need to wipe mould spores anymore. Our home stay students said this was the best house they ever boarded. We are now recommending everyone we know to put HRV in, even though their rental properties!

Oliver s.

This is the second time we have an HRV system installed. The first time was in a old cottage with single windows. We had lots of condensation on windows and the average temperature in winter was 9 degrees Celsius at the end of the afternoon when we had the HRV representative visiting us. After we had it installed the technician told us it will take about a week to feel the difference. But it didn't take that long at all!!! We could feel and see its benefits the next day! No more wet windows, or cold house. The house instantly felt warmer. And with the tin roof we soon had a free heating system during sunny winter days. I kept saying to my husband "why did it take us soooo long to buy one ?". Soon after that summer the HRV dried the house so well that the doors would fall off their hinges !!!!!. This time we organised an HRV for our new brick double glazed windows house. We waited for winter to see if we would get condensation. And we did ! So HRV was ordered and a date set. I was very impressed again when the technicians arrived right on time to a very difficult address. We gave instructions to the representative when she came but sometimes communication between teams does not happen, therefore my concerns and worries. But this was not necessary!!!!! Technicians were very respectful of our house. It was pouring with rain outside and they brought everything in leaving their shoes each time at the entrance. Then I was impressed with the fact of NO DUST at all....and super quick.... All the job was done in 1 and 1/2 hours. Super efficient, super good service, super good product all around. I will do it again !!!!! Recommended to everyone I know.

Greg & Jacqui

I just want to thank Russell and the installation team at HRV Nelson. They did a fantastic job from start to finish. After researching various systems and calling and emailing multiple providers, Russell was the only person to get back to me within 24 hours. He understood what we needed and explained the various options thoroughly - a true professional. The team that came to install were friendly, efficient and knew what they were doing. We had been having problems with a warm lounge due to the wood burner but very cold bedrooms. Since we've installed the system the whole house is now warmer as air is transferred to the colder rooms. We've also noticed a remarkable improvement in the bedroom windows which used to have a lot of condensation on them. If I'd know that the HRV system was going to work so well, I'd have installed it sooner. It has been the best investment that we've made this year.

Janine Walker

We got the HRV system put in some years ago as our bedrooms on the South side hardly got sun so that side was pretty damp, after the Installation we noticed a considerable change, 5 years later we decided to get the Heat Transfer system installed to heat up our bedrooms. We closed all the doors to our bedrooms, lit the fire and checked in 2 hours later, you definitely notice the warmth coming from all the rooms now. I'm so glad we decided to get this system.

Janine Walker

We got the HRV system put in some years ago as our bedrooms on the South side hardly got sun so that side was pretty damp, after the Installation we noticed a considerable change, 5 years later we decided to get the Heat Transfer system installed to heat up our bedrooms. We closed all the doors to our bedrooms, lit the fire and checked in 2 hours later, you definitely notice the warmth coming from all the rooms now. I'm so glad we decided to get this system.

Barbara Brich

August 2015 Kevin came to give us a quote and sell the HRV System to us. As it was the end of the winter season, we were unable to gage how effective the system was, however so far this year it has proved to be Amazing, and my life has never been easier. Not having to get up every morning and use two towels to dry all the windows in the house, I think I am made. This has to be the best invention on the face of the earth. The house feels so much drier too. Thanks again heaps for your service, and especially Kevin and the installers.

Megan Davies

We recently moved to the Waikato region and after having had HRV installed in our homes in Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty with great success, especially in relation to the removal of condensation, it was a must for us to do the same here. Steve Muhlmann and Johnny( ? surname) did a great and professional job with the installation. We appreciate the advice given about installing an outlet in the garage and are already noticing the benefit there. We highly recommend this system and appreciate the great service support system.


We called HRV on a late Thursday night and was able to get someone out to speak with us the Friday after my husband finished work. After speaking with Liam our consultant we made the decision to get HRV installed for obvious reason, cleaner air for our baby and because i was over cleaning windows every morning and monitoring the mold that would build every week! Our property is new and for us to deal with this problem we did not think we would have such an issue. That following Monday i got the call i was waiting for from Sarah and we were booked in for 2 weeks from that day which was great i was excited that those windows had 2 weeks to annoy me before it was ALL gone. I asked Sarah if i could be on a cancellation list IF by any chance a spot opened we could be next. Tuesday arrived and what do you know i get a phone call from Sarah again with the best news, HRV will be out on Thursday if i wanted..YES YES YES BOOK ME IN! Thanks Sarah you were lovely to talk to and very helpful. Yesterday was Thursday the day i was waiting for. I cleaned my windows for the last time, mind you VERY happy and excited to clean the windows knowing it will be the last time. I had 2 awesome guys turn up to install the system and it did not take long at all and i was informed on everything carried out. I was showed the key and how it worked and WALLAH! i was all ready. Night crawled on, checking the windows NOPE nothing no wet windows, i am getting a little excited. This morning NO WET WINDOWS!!!! i am amazed how quick it worked and how much of a great sleep i had last night. I can feel the difference in air i am breathing, i noticed my husband did not snore at all last night, and not having his coughing fit he has every morning. My baby slept longer and his allergies seem to have subsided. The house was warmer in the night we did not need to put the heat pump on at all. We were a bit skeptical to get HRV at first thinking its just another thing out there to buy, but we thought what do we have to loose. Since getting it installed i am telling the world how wonderful it is. IT WORKS!!! Thank you soo much to all the team involved, so friendly and helpful.

Ian Mason

Our home is 100% warmer and dryer with our son's health being dramatically better. His asthma is so much easier to control with the HRV system supplying free warm clean filtered air from the ceiling. HRV staff are always helpful with any queries over the phone, and we enjoy their newsletters regarding new technologies to create a healthier home.

Barb Stamp

I love my HRV, best thing i could have done as i had a damp problem coming up through the concrete floor, as its an old home & didnt have the black insulation paper installed, so had mould growing on the walls & a horrible damp smell..I had to use that particular room for storage as it wasnt healthy to sleep in... Now its warm & dry, no smell just clean air & mould has gone, energy efficient aswell & great for my asthma :-)


When our boy was about 18months old we were taking him to the doctors all the time as he was developing asthma like symptoms. He was placed on an inhaler. We had seen ventilation systems being advertised on TV so thought we would investigate them as we were waking up to extremely wet windows throughout the house every morning. We decided to go ahead with installing the system and were told that we would probably see a change in the wet windows within about 2 weeks. The nest day we check the windows and they were dry. Our sons asthma like symptoms disappeared and never returned. So I am always telling people how good ventilation systems are and that every household should have one. We have lived in 3 different houses over the years and had a ventilation system installed in each one.

Sara Gardner

We love our HRV. With three of our four family members having asthma - this was a no brainer. We have had our system in since 2008 with replacement filters every two years, and our family's health problems have really improved. I know that it is due to having a warmer drier home, especially during the winter months.

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