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The HRV Next Generation ventilation system is NZ’s #1 selling ventilation system, built with an easy-to-use touch screen keypad and exclusive Nano-fibre filter technology. 

By choosing the Next Generation system you’ll get:  

  • Reduced condensation
  • A drier home
  • Less mould
  • Improved air quality 

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More Testimonials

Lena Johansson

Anil Devo came to my home to service the HRV system. This email is to report that we were provided with all the necessary information and he carried out a very professional job. We would like to thank him for the time he took to explain the problem and how it could be fixed.

Jeanette Fawcett

My name is Jeanette Fawcett and on the 9/3/2018 pundit came to change my filter in my ventilation system. I was not going to have it done and I told him that the system was too loud and that I had turn it off and didn't like the system. Thanks to Punit who took the time to explain everything so that I could understand the answers to my questions. I now have definitely change my mind about HRVs. I'm now thinking about home water filtration. I appreciate Punit's service as I have had a lot going on in the last 18 months. So once again thank you for a superb service.


Paul Chang

An HRV Ventilation system was installed in my house yesterday. It was very hard to work but Mr Mohammet and Ali - they have done a very good job. The HRV system is working fine this morning and I am satisfied with the installation of my HRV. I expect to have good services from HRV for any future requirements.


Evelyn Samson

I would like to confirm that Ravi and Verneet installed the HRV in my house on the 26th Feb. They were on time and did a clean and neat job with the installation. I am very happy with their work. 

Denise Robinson

On Monday 12th March I had the 2 yearly service and filter replacement on my HRV system.

This process started with a letter to remind me that the service was due and then a booking confirmation - great communication from beginning to end. I had suggested that I would not be home at times, but I was happily accommodated. Jayden arrived on time and was a pleasure to deal with, very professional, courteous and friendly. He is a great credit to your company (but i'm sure you already know that!). 

Thank you so much.