Retro-Fit Double Glazing & Window Film


Insulate your windows to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. HRV’s affordable retro-fit double glazing and window film solutions can be easily installed on the inside of your existing windows to help retain warmth, reject solar radiation, reduce UV damage to furnishings and help to reduce external noise.



How It Works

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Double Glazing - Helping You Stay Comfortable All Year Round

A cost-effective solution, HRV’s retro-fit double glazing fits over your existing windows. The installation process is simple and there are options to suit the colour and style of your window frames.

Keeping warmth in during winter and solar radiation out during summer, means reduced heating and cooling costs for your household.

It also makes a healthier and more comfortable living invironment by reducing condensation and outside noise.

Your curtains, carpets and furnishings will be more protected from fading due to UV exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits Of Retro-fit Double Glazing

  • HRV have a range of window solutions to suit the make and style of your home. Whether you have white or natural wooden frames, or white or dark aluminium, we can colour blend the secondary frame to best match your existing window frames and the frame is only 20mm wide.
  • The acrylic used in retro-fit double glazing is clearer than glass
  • Alternatively window film options are available in different tint options

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What Our Customers Say About Our Retro-Fit Double Glazing and Window Film Products

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Insulglaze - Retro-fit Double Glazing (Secondary Glazing)

Insulglaze is an innovative and stylish, retro-fit, secondary double glazing system manufactured from optical-grade acrylic and uPVC extrusion. The optical-grade acrylic used is 3% clearer than glass and does not distort, yellow or craze. One of the most appealing advantages of Insulglaze is that it...

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Solar Gard® Ecolux™ 70 - Window Film

Environmentally friendly Ecolux 70 window film helps you achieve energy and carbon savings, improving insulation performance by up to 88%. This state of the art Low Emissivity (often referred to as Low-E) film offers year round energy savings and comfort through its combination of superior solar control...

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Double Glazing Cleaning Solution

Double Glazing Cleaning Solution is recommended to be used on Insulglaze retro double glazing. This cleaner should only be used with a clean, soft microfibre cloth with a medium to high pile. Avoid abrasive materials such as steel wool, paper towels, tissue paper or newspaper. These materials will cause...

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