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    Wherever you live in New Zealand, there are some days when you just wish you could turn down the heat. At HRV we’ll work with you to find the best way to cool your home that works for your family and your budget. HRV air conditioning even includes heat pump technology, to provide cozy warmth during those colder days.

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    Cooling styles, explained.

    High Wall Air Conditioning

    A high wall unit sits up near the ceiling and blows cool air into your room. Like all of our units, it’s connected to an air conditioning unit on an outside wall and you set temperature and airflow with a remote control (or smartphone app with optional wifi).

    Ducted Air Conditioning

    A ducted system distributes air from one central air conditioning unit to as many rooms as you want to cool, via ceiling vents in each room. Cool air is channeled through ducts in your roof space to vents in your floor or ceiling. You control the temperature in your whole home from one central control panel.

    Multi-Split Air Conditioning

    A multi-split system has one central outdoor unit and individual high wall units in the rooms you want to cool. You’ll have individual room control supplied by remote control or optional wifi connected smartphone app.




    If I get air conditioning should I still consider home ventilation?
    Yes – that’s because an air conditioner / heat pump circulates and cools or heats the air that’s already in your home. Adding HRV home ventilation means you can have a constant flow of fresh, filtered air from outside.
    Does HRV home ventilation cool my house?
    HRV home ventilation is designed to increase airflow, filter your air and reduce moisture levels, but won’t usually cool your house. Our optional SummerKit can help, but for powerful cooling during summer we recommend a heat pump / air conditioner.
    What’s the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner?
    There isn’t any! A heat pump transfers heat energy between outside air and inside air to either heat or cool your home as needed. It’s a year-round comfort machine!


    The HRV SummerKit draws air from the southern side of your home and delivers more ventilation, more often to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer nights. The HRV SummerKit is an optional add-on to your HRV Ventilation System and is compatible with most models (excluding HRV Lite).

    Build a solution that’s right for your home

    Build a solution that’s right for your home

    Every New Zealand home and family are different. And a solution that’s awesome for Auckland might not cut it in Christchurch. Our Home Solution Generator takes just three minutes and gives you heating, cooling and ventilation options.

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