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Paying for your HRV solution

Choose a payment option that suits you.

Once you’ve decided which of our products are right for you and your family we’ve got a range of easy payment options.

All the usual payment options are fine, including cheque, direct credit or credit card. If paying via credit card a 3% surcharge will apply. Once you’ve paid, we’ll get your HRV solution installed promptly, so you’ll love the feeling of coming home. Nice!

We also have easy payment options available through Q Mastercard.

Q Mastercard is your perfect shopping partner, combining the benefits of a credit card with the added ability to access a range of interest-free deals and payment holidays*.

To take advantage of our great payment options with Q Mastercard you can apply by simply clicking this link. Once approved, please speak to your local HRV representative for more information about available Q Mastercard offers. Or we can talk you through this process during your Free Home Assessment.

*Q Mastercard interest-free deals and payment holiday offer information is available via your local HRV representative. Offers and deals are updated regularly and may combine interest-free deals with payment holidays or could be just one of the two.

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