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    Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to look after yourself. But that’s hard when your tap water tastes – and smells – of chlorine and other impurities.

    HRV whole-home water filtration reduces impurities before they enter your home’s water system. That means every tap in your home – hot and cold – delivers purified water to your family. You’ll even enjoy purified water in your shower, bath and laundry!

    Heat transfer kit

    Three components to build a Whole-Home system that’s right for you



    Your first line of defence (recommended)

    Designed to clean all water coming into the home, protecting taps, shower heads and all water-using appliances. The pre-filter is intended for use on municipal potable water (mains) to reduce fine sand, sediment and rust particles from 70μm* upwards in size.

    Water purifier

    Water purifier

    Your first line of defence (recommended)

    Carbon and KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) technology for the reduction of sediment, chlorine, asbestos, heavy metals, unwanted taste and odours from every tap in the home.

    Water softener

    Water softener

    For hard water areas (optional)

    Water softening is the reduction of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metals from hard water. It can reduce problems such as lime scale build-up, shortened appliance and plumbing life, and the formation of soap scum.

    Kitchen and bathroom solutions


    Under Bench - Everpure High Flow Filter System with Designer Tap

    The Under Bench – Everpure High Flow Filter System introduces great-tasting, crisp, clean filtered water at the prep sink, pot filler and at the wet bar. The highly engineered submicron removes/reduces unwanted lead and chemical impurities also preventing scale build up in kitchen appliances.

    Water purifier

    Under Bench – Reverse Osmosis Direct Flow System with Designer Tap

    The Under Bench – Reverse Osmosis uses a high-recovery reverse osmosis encapsulated membrane with a 1:1 pure water ratio, plus poly spun and carbon block pre-filter to give you access to pure water at all times. The reverse osmosis water is delivered through our commercial grade stainless steel tap.

    Water softener

    Shower Filter

    High Output Shower Filter is designed for the simple and effective removal/reduction of Chlorine from your shower water. The internal cartridge uses a 15 Stage Filtration process.

    Filter replacement

    Your system’s filters do an amazing job of removing impurities from the water your family drinks. To keep working well they need to be replaced regularly. If your system is indicating that your filter needs replacing please get in touch so we can sort this out ASAP.

    Filter replacement due? Get in touch.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need a water softener?

    If you’re seeing lime scale around taps and sinks, or buildups in your electric jug, then you’re probably in a hard water area. An HRV water softener can help with this.

    My system is indicating it needs a filter change.

    Your system will only work properly when its filter is changed regularly. Get in touch today to book a filter change and we’ll take care of it.

    Why would I choose whole-home water filtration?

    Single-outlet filters are great if you just want to reduce impurities from water at your kitchen tap or shower head. Our whole-home systems do that before a drop of water enters your home’s system so all the water you use for drinking, washing, laundry and even watering your garden is filtered and purified.

    Does your system work on tank water?

    Yes! We offer a home tank water filter system for people using tank water, bores, stream collection or any other method of collecting water. We laboratory test your water before designing a solution that’s just right for your situation.