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    Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to look after yourself. And harvesting your own rainwater makes a lot of sense!

    But just like town water supply, it’s important to make sure the water your family drinks doesn’t carry nasties like microbial contamination, giardia and cryptosporidium.

    HRV Whole Home UV Filtration / Sterilisation reduces impurities in your water before they enter your home water filter system. That means every tap in your home – hot and cold – delivers purified water to your family.

    Not on tank water? Take a look at our home mains water filter system.

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    A custom solution just for you

    A custom solution just for you

    Together with our partner Aqua, we’ve helped people with all sorts of off-grid home water solutions. New bores, bores that pre-date the house, stream inlets, roof collection and every combination you can think of! So before we think about recommending a filtration / sterilisation system, we sample your water for laboratory analysis so you know you’re getting a system that’s completely fit for your situation.

    Filter replacement

    Filter replacement

    Your system’s filters do an amazing job of removing impurities from the water your family drinks. To keep working well they need to be replaced regularly. If your system is indicating that your filter needs replacing please get in touch so we can sort this out.

    Filter replacement due? Get in touch.

    Whole Home UV Filtration

    Large home<br><span>2-3 bathrooms<br>(2+ bedrooms)</span>

    Large home
    2-3 bathrooms
    (2+ bedrooms)

    Smaller home<br><span>1 bathroom<br>(1-2 bedrooms)</span>

    Smaller home
    1 bathroom
    (1-2 bedrooms)

    1st and 2nd Stage: Sediment Filtration

    1st and 2nd Stage: Sediment Filtration

    Coarse/fine filtration using dual grade cartridges to reduce very fine particles and, more importantly, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.  

    3rd Stage: UV Sterilisation

    3rd Stage: UV Sterilisation

    A safe and highly effective method of water filtration that does not change the taste or colour of the water. Reduces the risk of illness caused by microbial contamination and supports the removal of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli and Giardia.

    UV Controller:

    UV Controller:

    Future proof your UV system with the latest technology in UV controllers. A colour user interface allows for easy visual identification of remaining lamp life, and other diagnostic messages.

    Under Bench - Ultrafiltration

    The Under Bench - Ultrafiltration system utilises Ultrafiltration Membrane technology – a technology usually only used in large scale community-based projects. Now you can have this same technology in your home, school or business.

    Enjoy peace of mind that your water has been filtered for remarkable purity. The system filters down to 0.04 microns to provide physical reduction of bacteria (E. coli), and physical reduction of cysts (Cryptosporidium).

    Reduce chemical contamination in your water by reducing levels of chlorine, pesticides, alkenes, aromatic hydrocarbons and trihalomethanes.

    So much for the science… what you’ll notice every day is the taste. Families with great-tasting water drink more of it. And who wouldn’t want cleaner, purer water their guests will enjoy drinking?


    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need a water softener?

    If you’re seeing lime scale around taps and sinks, or buildups in your electric jug, then you’re probably in a hard water area. An HRV water softener can help with this.

    My system is indicating it needs a filter change.

    Your system will only work properly when its filter is changed regularly. Get in touch today to book a filter change and we’ll take care of it.

    Why would I choose whole-home water filtration?

    Single-outlet filters are great if you just want to reduce impurities from water at your kitchen tap or shower head. Our whole-home systems do that before a drop of water enters your home’s system so all the water you use for drinking, washing, laundry and even watering your garden is filtered and purified.

    Does your system work on tank water?

    Yes! We offer a home tank water filter system for people using tank water, bores, stream collection or any other method of collecting water. We laboratory test your water before designing a solution that’s just right for your situation.