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    Your common home problems solved

    You’ll be amazed at what warmer, drier air can do for your home and family

    Drier air that’s at just the right temperature year-round is a big part of a comfortable home.

    If you’re tired of cleaning mould and mildew from your walls, ceilings or furniture, we can help, with solutions that deliver drier air to every room in your house to help reduce moisture.

    An HRV Free Home Assessment is your first step to tackling these problems.

    In New Zealand, moisture in the home can be a problem. In some areas humidity can be an issue. Down in Christchurch and further south, cold winters mean doors and windows stay closed during the day, trapping moist air inside.

    How HRV home ventilation can help asthma and allergy sufferers

    HRV ventilation, built with nano-fibre filtration helps to reduce the most common airborne asthma and allergy triggers from the incoming air, which is good news for sufferers..

    And if you’ve had enough of coming home to rooms that just feel damp and uncomfortable, we can help there too.

    Read on for more information about each of these common problems, then book a Free Home Assessment to see how we can create a solution that’s just right for you.