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    Air Transfer and Heat Transfer Kits

    Helping manage temperature in every part of your home, year round.

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    Warm or cool air, delivered where you need it!

    Even the best-designed home has rooms that are too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Our Air Transfer and Heat Transfer kits are here to help solve those problems.

    Air Transfer Kit for year-round comfort

    Air Transfer Kit

    Air Transfer Kit

    An HRV Air Transfer Kit moves air from one room to another to help keep your whole home comfortable. In the winter, it works as a heat transfer system and moves warm air from heated rooms, such as living areas, to rooms you might not heat all the time, like bedrooms.

    In the summer, your Air Transfer Kit moves air from cooler parts of the house into the hotter parts, lowering temperatures and helping create a more comfortable environment.

    What does an Air Transfer Kit work with?

    The Air Transfer Kit is an optional accessory for HRV AirSense™ Essential and AirSense™ Essential+ home ventilation systems.

    HRV AirSense™

    For the latest in-home ventilation technology, including our most powerful fan, even more effective filter and Wi-Fi-connected app control, HRV AirSense™ delivers.

    Essential Essential HRV AirSense™ Essential is our latest home ventilation system, efficiently delivering dry, filtered air to your living areas as well as real-time visibility of your indoor air quality. Essential+ Essential+ The Essential+ model adds a Summer Kit. This very clever accessory helps manage indoor temperatures in summer, by drawing cooler air from under the eaves on the southern (shaded) side of your house and delivering it to rooms that face the sun. Balanced+ Balanced+ HRV AirSense™ Balanced+ is the ultimate balanced pressure ventilation system for homes with tightly-fitted joinery, or any home when you want maximum ventilation while minimising heat loss. Balanced+ systems feature a heat exchanger, so warm outgoing air is passed over incoming filtered air, recovering much of its heat energy and helping manage the cost of running your heat pumps or other heating solutions.

    Heat Transfer Kit to deliver winter warmth where it’s needed

    HRV Ventilation

    A Heat Transfer Kit is a great way to get more from your home’s heating system and is available with HRV Classic home ventilation systems. It moves warm air from heated rooms to rooms you might not heat, like bedrooms.

    What does a Heat Transfer Kit work with?

    The Heat Transfer Kit is an optional accessory for HRV Classic home ventilation systems.

    HRV Classic

    HRV Classic home ventilation combines proven technology and reliability to help make your home drier and healthier.

    Find out more about the HRV Classic system

    HRV Classic is a positive pressure ventilation system. It works by using drier, filtered air from your roof space to force the damp, stale air out of your living areas through gaps in your doors and windows.

    Find out more about the HRV Classic system


    What is an air transfer system?

    An air transfer system moves air from one part of your home to another to help maintain a comfortable temperature. Heat Transfer Kits and Air Transfer Kits are both air transfer systems.

    How does an air transfer system work?

    An air transfer system works by moving air from a heated room to an unheated one to make it warmer, or from a cooler room to a warmer one to make it cooler.

    Is an air transfer system the same as a heat transfer system?

    A heat transfer system only moves air from warm rooms to cool and is one type of air transfer system.

    How do you move air from one room to another?

    Our Heat Transfer and Air Transfer Kits use a hidden fan to move air via ducts in your roof cavity and deliver it to your rooms via ceiling vents.

    Can I use an air transfer kit with air conditioning?

    You can use an air transfer kit with an air conditioner – moving air from air-conditioned rooms to other rooms can make your whole home more comfortable.

    Are heat transfer systems as good as air conditioning?

    Heat transfer systems help make the most of the heating you already have – they’re not a heating system on their own. Heat transfer systems are a good way to get more from your air conditioner or any other heating source.

    How much do air transfer systems cost?

    We’ll explain the cost of your air transfer system as part of your quote for your HRV home ventilation system.
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    Customer testimonials

    More than 500,000 New Zealanders live in a home with at least one HRV product. Here’s what some of them have to say about HRV home ventilation.

    Matt Cameron Matt Cameron “Now we know we can get a full night’s sleep, the kids can sleep well” Pamela Kaval Pamela Kaval “My son used to have really bad asthma, now he doesn’t, since we got the unit” Sarnim Dean Sarnim Dean “…dust is minimised, condensation decreased and general wellbeing maximised. Thank you HRV!”
     Installing your Air Transfer or Heat Transfer Kit

    Installing your Air Transfer or Heat Transfer Kit

    If you decide to include an Air Transfer Kit or Heat Transfer Kit with your HRV home ventilation system, it will be installed at the same time as your ventilation system. This usually takes just one day but could be longer for large homes or more complex systems.

    On the day, your installers will talk to you about where your control panel and ceiling vents will go, then once installation is complete, they’ll show you how to set and operate your system.

    Vortex extractor fan

    Vortex extractor fan

    A Vortex extractor fan for your laundry or bathroom removes damp air from clothes washing or showering so it doesn’t make the rest of your home damp and uncomfortable. You can have your Vortex extractor fans installed on their own, or alongside any HRV home ventilation system.

    Find out more about the Vortex extractor fan