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    Water Filter Replacement

    Filtration is a key part of any water purification system. All filters work by trapping impurities from the incoming water – whether it’s mains, tank or bore – so they don’t make it into the water your family uses for drinking, cooking and washing.

    Over time, your filter medium can become filled with these impurities, reducing efficiency and potentially lowering your home’s water pressure.

    That’s why regular filter replacement is key to ensuring your system keeps working properly.

    Depending on the type of water purification system you have, you’ll know it's time to replace the water filter by an indication on its display unit or a date written on a filter replacement sticker.

    If your water supply has a high level of impurities, you might even need a filter change before the scheduled date. (It’s a good thing to check if you’ve noticed your water pressure dropping.)

    Whether your system was installed by HRV or another supplier, we can arrange for a service visit and filter replacement, and set up a reminder call when your filter replacement is next due.

    To arrange a filter replacement and system check, please book below.

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