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    Great-tasting water that’s low in impurities is important to everyone. So at HRV we offer a range of water filtration and purification options to suit all kinds of homes and water supplies.

    Because your filter works by removing unwanted elements from your water supply, the filter element itself will become blocked over time, reducing efficiency and water pressure.

    That’s why it’s vital that you replace your water filter regularly.

    How do you know when your filter needs replacing? Simple: either the replacement date will be written by our technician on a sticker on your system, or your system’s display will indicate that the filter needs replacing.

    Your taps and shower can also be clues. If they don’t seem to be running at full pressure, or if your washing machine is taking longer to fill, check your filter.

    To request a filter replacement just fill in the form below and we’ll arrange it for you ASAP.

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