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    Mould is more than a bad look and we’re here to help.

    Mould doesn’t grow without moisture, so talk to us about a drier home today.

    HRV home ventilation can help reduce moisture in the home - the breeding ground mould needs to form. Talk to us about a Free Home Assessment today.

    Moisture and mould – not just ugly, they’re unhealthy!

    One question we get every winter is how to remove condensation, how to deal to mould isn’t far behind. These two problems are related because excess moisture inside your home can create the perfect damp breeding ground for mould to grow.

    Mould looks awful on your walls and furnishings. It’s worse than that, though – living in a mouldy or damp home is dangerous to your family’s health.

    An HRV home ventilation system will use the drier air from your roof space to drive out moist air from the rest of your home.

    Get in touch today and give mould the cold shoulder

    If you have mould in your home, you’re not alone. 1 in 5 New Zealand homes have damp and mould present. We’ve installed over 100,000 home ventilation systems and helped New Zealand families like yours enjoy a drier, more comfortable home. Get in touch for a Free Home Assessment today and see how easy it could be to transform your home.

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