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Let HRV help to reduce moisture in your home.

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Damp air with nowhere to go is a big part of what causes condensation on windows.

Dampness is more than a bad look – it feels bad too. High moisture levels in your home can make your furniture, carpets and bedding damp and uncomfortable

An HRV Free Home Assessment will help you understand why your house is damp and recommend ways to deal with it.

Installing an HRV home ventilation system can help deal with dampness and moisture in your home, by moving drier air from your roof space to the rooms that need it.

HRV home ventilation is a “positive pressure ventilation system” – so it works to expel the moist air from your home and replace it with drier air from your roof cavity.

Dampness is a real problem for many New Zealand homes right across the country. In Auckland and northern regions, humidity is almost a year-round issue. Further south in Wellington and Christchurch, colder winters mean doors and windows don’t get opened much in the daytime – trapping damp air inside. Wherever you are, HRV has experts and trained installers to fit the home ventilation system that’s just right for you.

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