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Multi-Split Air Conditioning  - Large

A multi-split air conditioning solution gives you many of the advantages of individual air conditioners/heat pumps in each room, but typically with only one outdoor unit powering them. This creates a neater appearance on the outside of your home. Each unit has its own remote control, or you can control the temperature via a smartphone app (if you choose the wifi option), however every room will need to stay at the same comfortable temperature because each indoor unit is connected to one outdoor unit.

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Whole house 

High Wall Multi-Split Air Conditioning Large

High Wall Multi-Split Air Conditioning Large

In this package

3 x Panasonic 7QKR + 1 x Panasonic 9QKR + 1 x Panasonic 12QKR + 1 x Panasonic 34QBR

This Panasonic Multi-Split High Wall Air Conditioner can help create a cool and comfortable temperature in 1 lounge and 4 bedrooms. The 7QKR model delivers 2.0kW of cooling, the 9QKR delivers 2.5kW and the 12QKR delivers 3.2kW.

Multiple High Wall indoor units and only one outdoor unit are a neater alternative to preserve the exterior appearance of your home. 5 year warranty. Independent room control via remote control or optional wifi.

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Build a solution that’s right for your home

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