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Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are the simple way to warm small and medium rooms in your home. They won’t dominate the look of your room and are completely silent in operation. Our Nobo range is designed in Norway and built in the UK – where they know a thing or two about heating! Your HRV expert will make sure you’ve got the size that’s just right for the room it’s going to heat.

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Panel Heaters Medium

Panel Heaters Medium

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Nobo Panel Heater 2kW

Nobo panel heaters have been designed in Norway since 1949. The 2kW model features sleek Scandinavian design, digital control with timer and can be wall mounted or stand on its included casters.

Panel heaters take up very little space and are completely silent in operation. Nobo panel heaters feature a child lock for extra safety and come with a lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 400(H) x 1125(W) x 55(D)

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Build a solution that’s right for your home

Build a solution that’s right for your home

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