If you’re a fan of TVNZ’s Seven Sharp – we’re all Hilary fans here at HRV! – you might have seen our Christchurch general manager Iain Harrison recently doing what he does best: changing people’s lives with HRV.

We partnered with Seven Sharp to find a family suffering from allergies and gifted them an HRV Home Ventilation System to see if we could help out.

HRV Home Ventilation can help make your home more comfortable in lots of ways. Some you can see – that morning condensation on the windows is a sign of the moist air that mould just loves. And some things aren’t so obvious, like our amazing SETA™ filter in the ceiling that reduces pollen, dust, mould spores and other allergy triggers.

House-proud mum of five Debbie Kakoi says mould and moisture in her Christchurch home was bad news for her kids’ asthma and allergies, and she’d spend hours cleaning the house from top to bottom.

When the Seven Sharp team returned seven weeks later, her home was transformed. The room she once called “mould central” had no mould at all, and the dehumidifier the family had been using was now being used as a table!

For Iain, another happy customer is good news all round.

And as Seven Sharp reporter Rachel Parkin puts it, “it’s not just good news, but life-changing!”

Watch the video here