When someone in your home has asthma or another respiratory condition, air quality matters!

Too many New Zealand homes are unhealthy. Dampness, mould, and moisture can make existing health conditions a lot worse.

So at HRV we’re on a mission to make all Kiwi homes healthier, and that starts with our very first product: HRV home ventilation.

Our latest version, HRV AirSense™, is a smart investment when air quality matters to you and your family. Here’s what we think makes it a standout:

  • Drier air to every room. Push out that damp stale air and replace it with filtered air from your roof space.
  • 5 layers of filtration. Our unique Woolcare™ filter has five layers of filtration to reduce mould spores, pollen, dust and other allergens in the air that enters your home
  • Scientifically proven. In an independent study by Unitec, HRV AirSense ventilation was scientifically proven to reduce moisture* and helps prevent mould.

When you ventilate your home with HRV AirSense, you can leave doors and windows closed through winter and still get great ventilation to every room. That means winter cold and damp stay outside, along with street noise.

And here’s a bonus: a drier home is easier to heat! No matter what sort of heating your home has, whether it’s a heat pump, radiators, gas heaters or wood fire, having drier air in your home means greater heating efficiency. So your home will warm up faster and you’ll spend less on electricity, gas, or firewood. And who doesn’t want to save money these days!

The main thing though that makes HRV AirSense such a worthwhile investment is what it delivers for your family’s living environment over winter and all year round. Drier, filtered air in every room of the house… who wouldn’t want that!

*Based on a scientific study of 15 New Zealand homes conducted by Unitec-Te Pukenga Institute of Technology (Auckland) on behalf of HRV during winter and spring 2021. Results may vary depending on design and geographical location of a home.