HRV has been helping Kiwis reduce allergen triggers in their homes for 30 years. How? HRV home ventilation features a powerful filter that prevents many of these allergens from even entering the home in the first place!

We well understand the struggle that many asthma and allergy sufferers face on a daily basis. And we see that we can’t tackle this problem alone. That’s why we’re committed to three important partnerships:

The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ
The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ (ARFNZ) is a leading authority on all respiratory conditions. The foundation is involved in research, education, and advocacy, with the goal to reduce respiratory-related hospitalisations, and improve respiratory health outcomes for Kiwis.

Sensitive Choice
Sensitive Choice® is a programme run by the National Asthma Council over here in New Zealand to help people identify everyday household products and services that are asthma and allergy aware.  Products that carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly have been reviewed and approved by an expert panel.  And the good news? Some HRV home ventilation products proudly carry the Sensitive Choice butterfly logo of approval!

Allergy New Zealand
Allergy New Zealand is a not-for-profit society whose primary role is to provide information, education, and support to the many Kiwis living with allergies. They work with a medical panel made up of allergy specialists, nurses and dietitians.

It’s thanks to these important alliances that HRV can educate and help consumers to make informed choices about their indoor air quality.