It’s not looking good out there… but that’s no reason to put home health on hold

As winter temperatures plunge, it feels like almost everything else is going up. Petrol prices, mortgage rates, groceries, the power bill… you name it!

For some families it can be tempting to put home health on the back burner when money is tight.

That’s why HRV is offering NO price increases on new ventilation purchases this Winter at HRV*

Damp, cold homes feel unpleasant to live in but, worse than that, they’re bad for your health!

Unwanted moisture is a big part of that, and that’s where HRV can really help.

Where does all that moisture come from? Almost everywhere! Cooking, showering, laundry, some kinds of heating and even breathing all create moisture. All that water has to go somewhere, and if your house isn’t well ventilated it just hangs around creating problems.

A damp home is bad news. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Condensation on windows and windowsills, especially in the morning
  • Couches, bedding and curtains feel damp
  • Mould on walls, ceiling and even the clothes and shoes in your cupboards
  • A cold, clammy feeling when you walk in the door
  • Living spaces slow to warm up when you turn on the heater

That’s a pretty unpleasant list. Luckily, HRV home ventilation is here to help!

HRV home ventilation shows moisture the door by drawing drier, filtered air from your roof space then delivering it your living areas. Drier air in, damp air out! As the fresh air comes in, the stale air is forced out under your doors and around your windows.

Every home’s needs are different, so at HRV you’ll find a wide range of home ventilation systems to suit all kinds of New Zealand homes. That includes new-build homes, where tightly-fitting doors and windows can mean ventilation can be even worse than old ones!

People living in homes with HRV home ventilation tell us that winter is a whole new experience with HRV installed, and we’d love your family to experience that too. The first step is to get in touch with an HRV expert for a no-obligation free home assessment. You’ll learn if HRV is right for your home, what your system and accessory options are and how much your system will cost (along with any finance and payment options that apply.)

Best of all, with no price increases on new ventilation purchases this Winter at HRV*, it’s that little bit easier to give your family’s home health the attention it deserves.

Want to learn more about HRV home ventilation? Read all about it here.

*Excludes upgrades