Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold it.

Now think: what did you just breathe in?

Clean, dry fresh air?

Or perhaps some allergy-triggering pollen? Maybe there were some mould spores in the mix. Or just plain old dust and dirt.

At HRV we’re on a mission to make all Kiwi homes healthier, and that starts with the quality of the air you and your family breathe, all year round.

HRV AirSense™ is our latest step on that journey. AirSense™ hasn’t just improved home ventilation, it’s reinvented it!

More air, more often. Our new German-made EC fan, aerodynamic fan housing and re-engineered ducting mean that AirSense™ delivers 10% more air to your living areas than the previous generation of HRV home ventilation1. Fresh air in means stale air out, taking unhealthy moisture and CO2 with it.

Clean air where you need it. HRV AirSense™ features a unique five-layer New Zealand-made WoolCare™ filter. That means the air coming into your house has reduced levels of dust, pollen and mould spores2. That’s good news for anyone looking for a healthier home, but for allergy sufferers it’s fantastic news!

Four seasons, one solution. We can tell from when our call centre is busy that winter is when most people think about HRV home ventilation. The moment that condensation starts appearing on windows, our phones start ringing! Once you live with HRV AirSense™, though, you soon discover that a home filled with fresh, driver, filtered air is a great feeling to come home to, year-round.

Proud to partner with the experts. Making Kiwi homes healthier is a big job, and HRV AirSense™ is just part of the picture. So we’re proud to partner with leading organisations like Sensitive Choice and Allergy New Zealand to make a positive difference for all New Zealanders.

Sick of breathing stale, dirty air? Time to freshen up! Talk to your local HRV expert about giving your family the HRV AirSense™ home ventilation difference today.


1. Excludes AirSenseTM Lite model. University of Canterbury, Acoustics Research Group Report, Performance Comparison HRV Gen-3 and Gen-4 air transfer ventilation units, Brian Donohue, no. 482, issue 1.0, 9 Dec 2021.

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