When most of us think about water filtration, we picture a chilled glass filled with clear, great-tasting water.

And that’s no surprise! When we talk to people looking to invest in water filtration, the taste of their drinking water is often what made them get in touch in the first place.

Increasingly, though, New Zealand householders are looking at the bigger picture – and finding ways to improve the water quality from every tap in their house.

It makes sense. Sure, drinking water is an obvious place to look when it comes to removing contaminants like sediment, disease-causing micro-organisms and unwanted chemicals. But for many Kiwis, making sure the water they shower or bathe in, do their laundry with or even water the garden with is in tip-top condition is becoming more important.

That’s why at HRV we’re seeing increased demand for “whole-home” water filtration systems.

A whole-home water filtration system does exactly what you’d expect. Instead of purifying the water to, say, just one kitchen tap, it sits between your home and your water supply. So every drop of water that enters your home – and every drop from every tap or shower head – has been purified.

What goes into your whole-home system depends on your home’s water supply. Whether you’re on mains supply or collect water from your roof, our consultants will test your water as a first step, to see what levels of unwanted chemicals, micro-organism, sediment and water hardness you have. Then we’ll design a system that could include a particle filter, UV sterilisation or water softener.

The result? The confidence of knowing that every drop of water, from every tap, appliance and shower head in your home is as pure and delicious as it can be. We’ll drink to that!