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    When do I need more ½ hourly data?

    In some circumstances when you are using excess to your available capacity and wish to have an EV installed, you can request half hourly data from your power supplier. A home assessment will determine this and our electrician would make this recommendation as it more accurately provides the actual consumption within your home.

    What happens if an electric car runs out of charge?

    Naturally, you’d try to avoid this happening, but if it does you would manage it the same way as if you ran out of fuel. Roadside services (e.g., AA if you’re a member) would tow your electric vehicle to the nearest charging station.

    How can I charge an electric car without a garage?

    Our electrician can install a hardwired outdoor EV charging station. This can be attached to either an external wall or a freestanding pole and is weather proof except for extreme situations like water blasting or natural disasters.

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