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Genuine HRV filters

Asthma and allergies are real problems for many New Zealand families. And mould on your furnishings and walls is not a good look!

That’s why it’s so important to reduce the amount of common airborne allergy triggers and mould spores from the air in our homes, and why HRV home ventilation systems have some of the best filters in the business.

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How HRV air filtration works

Captures fine particles: put simply, our filters use microscopically small fibres to grab undesirable particles from the air before they can enter your home. Our filters are independently tested at an accredited laboratory in Europe to meet the strict F8 (HRV Touch) or F7 (HRV Lite) standards.

Electrostatic attraction for extra efficiency: in the same way that socks can stick together in your clothes dryer, we use filter fibres with an electrostatic charge. This means dust, pollen and other particles are physically drawn to the filter fibres.

Graduated density: look inside an HRV filter and you’ll see several filtration stages, getting finer and finer towards the outlet. The first layers remove larger particles, and the final layers remove the smallest. This improves energy efficiency, overall effectiveness of the filter and increases filter life.

Genuine HRV filter technology

Expert endorsed spacer Expert endorsed Our choice of filter technologies is one of the reasons HRV is endorsed for our home ventilation by Sensitive Choice and Allergy NZ. F8 filter spacer F8 filter The filter in our premium HRV system meets the F8 filtration standard and uses nanofibres thinner than a human hair to remove contaminants from the air. This nanofibre layer means our F8 filters operate at peak efficiency from day 1. Our F8 filters have a recommended service life of 24 months. F7 filter spacer F7 filter Our HRV Lite system features an F7 filter – a highly effective and more affordable filter system. Our F7 filters have a recommended service life of 12 months.

Our filter technologies compared

  Filter technology Filter performance Replacement interval
F8 filter Graduated density with added
nanofibre layer

Full performance from day one 24 months in normal use
F7 filter Graduated density Full performance achieved after
some time in service

12 months in normal use
  F8 filter F7 filter
Filter technology
Filter technology
Graduated density with added
nanofibre layer
Graduated density
Filter performance
Filter performance
Full performance from day one
Full performance achieved after
some time in service
Replacement interval
Replacement interval
24 months in normal use
12 months in normal use

WARNING: System performance is NOT guaranteed if you use a non-genuine filter and if your system is under warranty. Your warranty will be voided if a non-genuine filter is used.
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