We all love spring, right? Longer days, fluffy lambs, daffodils… what’s not to like?

If you’re one of the many New Zealanders who suffer from allergies, though, spring can be a tough time! High pollen counts combined with the breezy conditions we often get at this time of year can make spring bad news for allergy sufferers.

HRV partner Allergy NZ* say that pollen season follows the warmer weather, starting in the north and working its way south (sometimes beginning as early as July). And there’s more than one sort of pollen causing problems! While bright yellow pine pollen is the most obvious sign that pollination season has begun, grass pollen is harder to see, causes just as many problems and is around for longer.

One action that Allergy NZ recommends is to check the pollen forecasts on the MetService website and stay indoors when levels are high. But spring days can be warm, so opening windows and doors to let cool air in can let the pollen in with it. What to do?

How HRV home ventilation can help

HRV home ventilation is best known for reducing moisture and condensation by bringing drier air into your home. But there’s something else at the heart of every HRV home ventilation system that’s good news for allergy sufferers: our amazing filtration technology.

Every HRV home ventilation system features a New Zealand-designed and manufactured high-technology filter unit.

HRV AirSense™ home ventilation features a Woolcare™ filter that’s carefully customised using the world’s finest air filtration medium, FilterLayr™. This electrospun nanofibre traps and neutralises tiny airborne particles, while still allowing excellent airflow rates. Purifying the air entering your home reduces dust, pollen, mould spores and other common allergens from the air your family breathes.

Our HRV Classic range features nanofibre filtration technology that helps to improve your home’s indoor air quality by filtering many common airborne asthma and allergy triggers from the incoming air.

To find out which HRV home ventilation system is right for you and your family, book a free home assessment today here or call our team on 0800 478 123.

Pollen season can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers, and it can sometime feel impossible to escape the pollen that causes sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throats and even headaches. With HRV home ventilation your home becomes a haven – making sure your family is breathing fresh, filtered air, not allergy-causing nasties.