Fresh, dry, filtered air is important to every Kiwi family. When a family member lives with asthma or a respiratory illness, that goes double.

HRV’s purpose is to make all Kiwi homes healthier. In New Zealand, asthma affects 1 in 8 Kiwi – making a healthy home all the more important.

HRV home ventilation solves a problem many families face: damp, unhealthy homes. Everyday activities, such as cooking, washing, showering, and even breathing all contribute to moisture in your home. If your home is unventilated, the moisture can permeate walls, furnishings and even the clothes in your cupboards, often resulting in unhealthy mould. An HRV home ventilation system helps create a healthier home by taking drier air from your roof space, filtering it, then delivering it to your living areas. Your home is filled with fresher, drier, filtered air, pushing out the damp stale air,

The science behind HRV’s newest system

HRV’s new HRV AirSenseTM, ventilation system is scientifically proven to reduce moisture* and help prevent mould.

HRV AirSense­TM features a Woolcare™ filter that’s carefully customised using the world’s finest air filtration medium, FilterLayr™. This electrospun nanofibre traps and neutralises tiny airborne particles, while still allowing excellent airflow rates. Purifying the air entering your home reduces dust, pollen, mould spores and other common allergens from the air your family breathes.

To find out more about HRV home ventilation and arrange a free home assessment at your place, go to or give them a call on 0800 HRV 123.

*Based on a scientific study of 15 New Zealand homes conducted by Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland) on behalf of HRV during winter and spring 2021. Results may vary depending on design and geographic location of a home.