HRV offers comprehensive home servicing solutions across our entire range - Ventilation, Heat Pumps and Water Filtration. We're committed to providing friendly local support to help with all your servicing requirements.


Ventilation Servicing

HRV ventilation systems are due to be serviced every 2 years, and it pays to do it, to make sure your invironment stays as pure as it should be. The SETA nano-fibre filters are changed, and system settings, diffusers and airflow are all checked to make sure everything is working at full performance. Book your ventilation service here.

Water Servicing

Your HRV Whole Home Water Filter system should be serviced every year to make sure it’s running at peak performance and removing pollutants at every level of filtration. Time for a service? Book your water service here.

If you've purchased a UV Sterilizer with your HRV Whole Home Water Filter system and need installation and maintenance instructions - click here.

Heat Pump Servicing

To ensure your Heat Pump continues to perform to its full potential it is important to undergo a system service regularly. By servicing both the indoor and outdoor unit, this allows an experienced technician the opportunity to detect any faults before they potentially get worse and affect the operation and performance of your system. Book your Heat Pump service here.

You can also speak to one of our friendly customer service team on 0800 478 123 to book your system service.